Saturday night’s all right for a Twitter fight


Jason Kenney, David Akin and Olivia Chow trade twits.

MinJKMy favourite line from PM’s speech: “we don’t determine our foreign policy by doing a poll of the UN General Assembly.”

davidakin@MinJK OK. How do you determine your foreign policy? 06/08 campaign platform only spoke to Afstan. What about rest of world

oliviachow@davidakin @MinJK Determining foreign policy: how about stopping the death of 2.8 million children who may die from now till 2015?

oliviachow@davidakin @MinJK PM can prevent death of millions of children by taking action at G8 summit


Saturday night’s all right for a Twitter fight

  1. Just MinJK? Why not HonMinJK?

  2. Nope, they just poll the Heritage foundation.

  3. yeah, the UN Gen Assembly, that thing is soooooo stooopid.

    • It's not a credible source of any particular altruism or moral authority, given the average character of all member states, is all he's saying. Lighten up.

      • what is Harper's whims?

        ps…i think i just made light of how stupid a statement it is, no?

  4. So many twits.

  5. I like this. I like it a lot :)