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‘Should you be interested in making our minority Parliament work’


Apparently in response to a request from the Prime Minister, Michael Ignatieff writes to inform Mr. Harper of all the issues the Liberals would be keen to work on when Parliament resumes, including cap-and-trade, pension reform, pay equity, government oversight, mental health, maternal health, veterans, prorogation and Afghan detainees.


‘Should you be interested in making our minority Parliament work’

  1. I'd love to read what he has to say but apparently what you've summarized in a sentence bloats to 4.1 MB when inserted into a PDF and the server is currently balking at feeding it to me with any speed whatsoever. Probably 'cause it's having to do so to a whole lot more people than it would like.

    Maybe later.

    PS: compression/simplicity is good Lib web people.

    • Seems to be fixed – I downloaded the whole 4.1 Mb in 19 seconds.

      And interesting reading it makes, too…the tone is certainly more aggressive than what I'd have expected from Ignatieff's performance to date.

  2. It is a looooong letter, designed to draw a loud hrrrmph from TheStrategist.

  3. "Third, you should respect the will of Parliament and hand over the unredacted documents that you have been ordered to produce. We are all reasonable and responsible Parliamentarians. We are prepared to discuss how best to protect legitimate claims of national security. But this is a decision we should make together as Parliamentarians." That is the interesting, I would say crucial, part. I hope Iggy is serious. Judging from Coyne's "Parliament Will Fight", Lee & caucus are very serious.

  4. Well well, things are moving along on the Liberal front. Perhaps shutting down Parliament has inadvertently provided the Liberals with more opportunity to contemplate policies than it did for the Conservatives.

    Of course each item needs work and budgets, but its a start.

    Aside from this; why are so many politicians (i.e. at Copenhagen) ignoring prominent developments on climate change? Did I miss something?

    • If you are referring to ignoring the faux scandal created by hackers from the flat earth-society, you are missing credibility.

    • If you are referring to ignoring the faux scandal created by hackers from the flat earth-society, you are missing credibility.

  5. Typical LPT resource – the link just grinds and grinds and grinds – ends up stalling the browser and hijacking the puter! go figure – pays me for even trying to get reasonable information from a liberla resource – although I can fully imgaine of how it will end up being – let me see first off something like we the LPT would bla bla bla bla dn furhtermore bla bla bla and why is the the PM killing democracy .. then .. bla bl a bla bla bla

    • I got it in seconds….

      • I think they loaded the latest in Anti-Troll™ software.

  6. "I hope Iggy is serious"

    Judge for yourself how serious Iggy is. Here is the Parliamentary Press Gallery pressing him, in a scrum, Feb 11th, on CPAC, with six consecutive questions re the redacted detainee documents:


    Fast forward to the 24 minute mark, where Julie van Dusen kicks off the "attack from the pack"

  7. 1st the letter to the BC MPPs
    Then the letter to the gov't wip
    Now this one to the PM

    Repeat, recycle and reiterate the litany of woes this regime has done and then follow up with reasonable demands and suggestions.

    I think they are starting to get the hang of it.

    OK, media, do your job and help Aaron out a little. Wake up Canada!

    • You make a good point. It has occurred to me a little while ago that this letter-writing strategy was quite familiar to QC federalists, where it was very successful. Black on white arguments are hard to evade, muffle or distort, as a certain Intergovernmental Affairs Minister knew, long long ago, in a federation far far away…