Street level -

Street level


Beware the wrath of the used-bookstore proprietor.

There’s nothing going on in the windows of Attic Books these days. Just like Parliament.

Marvin Post, long-time proprietor of one of Canada’s largest used bookstores, decided to empty his windows displays at 240 Dundas St. last weekend as a symbolic protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3.

A small sign explains the significance of the empty window to customers and passers-by. “We are proroguing our window in honour of the Canadian government. Displays will return when our Parliament does,” the signs reads.


Street level

  1. He can't be a Canadian — Canadians do not care about prorogation (somehow as i am writing this, these lyrics came to mind: … he can't be a man cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me …)

    • Sounds like the bookstore proprietor can't get no satisfaction.

  2. "Proroguing" his store window probably works better as a symbolic protest than it does as a business decision. You never know, though… perhaps his sales will increase thanks to the free publicity.

  3. Well yes, but that's rather the point, isn't it? Pointing out that proroguing is lousy business.

  4. Heaven knows the FB groups (yes, groups) against proroging parliament surely benefited from the free MSM advertising.

    • I'm sure to some degree yes, but people who argue that the Facebook group(s) grew so large because they got media coverage don't understand how Facebook works.

      • LOL. Because Facebook is immune from the media? Or do you mean "how Facebook works", as in loaded with teeny-boppers who'll join any group they see anybody else join?

        • I mean, people tend to learn about growing groups in Facebook because they see dozens (or hundreds) of their friends joining the group. Not too many people see a Facebook Group on T.V. or in the paper and then remember to go join that group later on. Of course the media coverage has had an impact (in fact many people in the group have explained that they had always avoided Facebook in the past, but joined Facebook specifically to become a member of this group) but the notion that the group's size is somehow a trumped up result of media coverage is, imho, just silly.

          • Not trumped up, supplemented. Having been a member of Facebook since before Facebook was cool, I've had plenty of time to acquaint myself with how and why it works.

            Viral networking is a powerful thing – MSM was, in this case, another strain of the virus, reaching people that aren't normally part of that viral tool that is Facebook.

            Part of me actually wonders if the MSM's coverage of and resulting increase in the number of group members led to an increase in committed membership of the group, compared to the FB Viral method of "you joined, and the group looks pretty/cool/novel/etc, so I might join too!"

  5. Drive your book store out of business, that'll show' em! Where are the Conservative going to buy and sell their used copies of Life of Pi then?

    Other plans to strike at the heart of the dark overlords:

    Canadian Wheat Board refuses to control wheat trade
    Pornographic websites participate in a sympathy cover-up
    Public Service Unions cancel annual Conservative Appreciation Day

    • Ahh yes, a used bookstore with a political conscious is sure to go out of business…

    • Marvin's bookstore ain't going out of business anytime soon. :-)

  6. Why don't used bookstore owners support our troops?

    • Damn beat me to it!

    • Attic Books has an extensive military history section. It could be said that the military supports Marvin.

  7. Still a good way to run off business!

    • Unlikely

  8. Marvin might look to another Marvin to express his conflicted feelings:

    Honey you do me wrong but still i'm crazy about you
    Stay away too long and i can't do without you
    Every chance you get you seem to hurt me more and more

  9. Chattering elitist,

  10. What a total elitist. Why, I bet he doesn't only sell books, he reads them, too!

  11. Wank wank wank, all day long. Wank wank wank while I sing this song. "I'm so smart with my comments on Maclean's, I'm so proud of my contribution to this intellectual forum."