Tax increase, spending cut or neither?


An interesting two sentence dispatch from Reuters this hour.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Friday he expected Canada’s economy to recover fully by the 2010-2011 fiscal year. He also said he would let the deficit run if needed and would not hike taxes or cut spending to bring it under control.


Tax increase, spending cut or neither?

  1. Wow. A Conservative PM throws away the small-c by alleging there is no bloat whatsoever within "government spending" worthy of cancellation.

    How do you help a country that has ZERO political parties interested in any kind of fiscal responsibility?

  2. Harper also announced plans to burn their crops and salt their earth.

  3. If there is a budget deficit in the 2010-2011 fiscal year (very likely says Kevin Page) then these two sentences obviously contradict each other. Of course, coming from the PMO, this wouldn't be the first time.

    Thank you Harper GST cut!

  4. Has Coyne's brain melted in response?