The day’s most useful analysis


Via Susan Delacourt.

Rona’s name is pronounced “Ronna”. She’s not a home-reno store. Have heard it wrong more than right today on TV. Just saying.


The day’s most useful analysis

  1. It might help if she weren't invisible.

  2. Ain't that the truth.

  3. Thanks, Ms. Della-KOOR. Er, Della-KORT. De-LA-kort? De-LAH-kort?

  4. To add:

    And really, why can't Canadians learn the simple calculus that underpins how conservatives name their female children: take a man's name, add a suffix or prefix. Thus Ron…Ron-a.

    Or Fred….Of-Fred.

  5. Did Delacourt (de-la-KORT) become a Minister of the Crown recently?

    No, she didn't.

    • Neither did Rona. She already was one. But it's understandable if you hadn't noticed.

  6. On a somewhat related note, please stop pretending that you know how to speak French. Everyone knows you're faking it, Tiggy.

    • No french in their right mind would use "Susan" instead of "Susanne"

    • How do you say prig in french?

  7. *yeesh* You're losing it.

    Mange ma crotte.

  8. Sorry..It's now cette crotte

    ….I was in the boudoir, don't you know.

  9. ma crotte… cette crotte… boudoir

    Heh. You're like a tourist who orders "Dos cervezas, por favor" and thinks: "Whee! I speak Spanish."

  10. Sorry…Calgarian asshole. Don't want to impugn innocent assholes everywhere, after all.

  11. It's a pretty sad day for women's rights when a Minister deemed incompetent at Environment would move to a complex department like Public Works just because the PM needs to balance a demoted woman with a promoted woman.

    Note: Might as well try to change my "name" since even "Anon" is not immune to identity theft :-)

  12. Further, it's apparently (I'm not making this up) short for "Ronalee" and she's a fan of Ayn Rand.

    • As a writer or as a nutbar ?

    • Duff fell off the wagon and drank by the sea
      and shared a fifth of Autumn Mist with a girl named Ronalee?

  13. Hmmm….I don't recall Rona correcting anyone. So, does this mean that Mona should actually be Monna?

  14. Rona Ambrose, the Bono of Canadian politics.

  15. Pretty sad state of affairs when you have have burned through so many useless ministers, that you end up having to ask Rona Ambrose back.

  16. I'm a quarter cree (cri) as well, you tedious f*ckwad. Challenge me on that heritage as well.


  17. So literally years after becoming an MP, and serving briefly as an incompetent cabinet minister…Canadians from coast to coast to coast STILL don't know how to pronounce her name.

    I guess the invisibility cloaks given out by harp to his ministers really work well.

  18. Delacourt has a point. After all, we did learn how to say Bruce Cockburn's name.

  19. To be fair, he did more for the environment than did the cabinet minister of yesteryears. Also, the mispronunciations of his name would bear correction quite quickly, in polite company anyway…

  20. She's heard it wrong more than right on T.V. "today"?

    I'm not certain I've heard it pronounced correctly by anyone, ever.

    I'd be willing to bet there are at least 10 members of Cabinet who didn't (or perhaps still don't) know how to pronounce her name.

    • Probably exacerbated after they were introduced to her brother, Homme Depot Ambrose.

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