The hidden agenda, exposed


The Sun details Stephen Harper’s interior decorating habits.

One difference between the two administrations is flowers. While former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin’s administration didn’t spend anything on them, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has spent $2,670 over the past three years.

According to the documents, Harper’s office was one of the few to spend anything on flowers. Andrew MacDougall, spokesman for Harper, said the flowers were purchased for meetings with dignitaries.


The hidden agenda, exposed

  1. Ah yes — women like flowers. Valentine's Day coming up. Hmmm … like they say, the strategist is always thinking!!

    • I did an actual 'laugh out loud' at this. Well observed Anon001.

      Come Sunday, I think I'm going to tell my girlfriend that I did in fact by her flowers but that since they were bought with my tax money they are sitting over at Stephen Harper's house.

      Do you think it will play out well? I'm thinking I might have to have some actual flowers hidden away as a back up.

      • Doubt it. Women tend to be a touch more perceptive than men, which is probably why after all the sweaters and cats and pianos, Harper still can't cross 30%.

        Incidentally, the Sun does not talk about the money Harper's spent on chocolates and donuts. I'm sure it's more than flowers, just based on … you know.

  2. If he were dead, Preston Manning would be spinning in his grave.

    • But if he were dead, and had a grave, Stephen would just have one more place to send taxpayers' flowers.

  3. Flowers and cats seem like odd choices for someone who's always trying to show how tough he is.

    But then again he has a make-up artist, a hair-stylist and a personal photographer.

    • Plus, his BFF is John Baird.

      One of these days we're going to see a story about Harper that's going to make us say, "aha, I always suspected it."

  4. $890/year on flowers? That's outrageous! It probably works out to 20 or 30 bouquets per year! I also found it fishy that the flowers were supposedly purchased for "meetings with dignitaries". Everyone knows that the PM has a soft spot for flowers and kittens, so how do we know some flowers purchased by the office weren't diverted for Harper's "personal use"?

    This is a serious matter, and it needs to be investigated further.

    • Yeah, but kittens are free, how come he didn't just stock up on those? Dignitaries love them, much more than flowers. They make great gifts.

      • I agree that dignitaries love kittens as gifts, but there are also some disadvantages to presenting kittens as presents. Thanks to modern floral technology, a floral bouquet can stay fresh for days without watering; unhydrated kittens don't last nearly as long.

        • Well, obviously, that's where Dimiti Soudas comes in.

      • An all-kitten diet isn't very healthy. The flowers provide much-needed fibre.

    • Too true. We need a public inquiry on this. We shouldn't rest until we get to the bottom of … umm … flower-gate!

  5. Does that include the hidden microphones?

  6. Yes, yes… it is another blossoming story that the left will find too sweet an odour to resist.

    And the right will say this story is for pansies and is so dead it is pushing up daisies.

    • thats not bad and edges very close to reality!

  7. What This is completely unacceptable – what did Harper know and when did he first know or not know of it – we demand an explanation and a public apology not to mention a 28 million dollar Royal Commission – our very democracy is at stake – that dastardly dictator has the SHEER UMITIGATED GALL to compliment foreign dignitaries by giving away our FLOWERS – How dare they … that's it I am marching right down to CPC headquarters and handing in my little blue card!

  8. I think the Sun should reveal how much it spent on kittens and flowers last year so its subscribers can decide for themselves if they should renew or not.

  9. An investigation would probably reveal that his florist is also a very good attack ad writer.

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