The new democracy


Perhaps assuming the Prime Minister isn’t going to take him up on that offer, Jack Layton says NDP MPs will join prorogation protests.

“The online protest is very interesting. It’s the new way that politics is being done. I think it’s very exciting,” Layton said in Vancouver on Wednesday.

“We will be attending the rallies across Canada,” the NDP leader promised. “We encourage New Democrats and all Canadians to participate in this grassroots movement to speak out in favor of Democracy.”


The new democracy

  1. Is Jack sitting on both sides of the fence?

  2. That's gotta hurt.

  3. I'm not sure this is inconsistent. The rallies aren't for another 10 days, and if Layton is opposed to prorogation and wants Parliament brought back, and the PM refuses his request after having over a week to think about it, then it seems rather obvious to me that Layton and members of his party would join in planned rallies to protest the thing the oppose.

    • He's basically expressing his confidence in Harper through his offer to support re-introduction of all government bills at their previous stages, the second time in a row he's stuck his neck out for Harper in return for nothing.

  4. Layton is just trying to figure out the best way to capitalize politically on the prorogation resentment. He doesn't want the Liberals to steal the spotlight (they already have, to some extent.)

  5. I thought that Layton categorically denied NDP participation in the rallies? Has he changed his mind since he's returned from vacation?

    • No he said they weren't going to participate in the unofficial "parliament."

      • My mistake! Thanks for the correction.

        • sadly, he has decided to not join the unofficial parliament. i hate layton. he's an opportunist. he'd rather sleep with harper for political purpose (get more seats) than actually do what's right which is work.

  6. Jack the Mugwump – Mug on one side – Wump on the other!

    • He's only interested in seeing his mug, though.

  7. a better question is why would Layton be using the American version of "favor" instead of the Canadian version "favour"….

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