The people of Simcoe-Grey have spoken


And they are pleased.

“I am familiar with that, but that’s certainly not what I’ve heard when they (people) come into my constituency office and we have a conversation about taking a step back and recalibrating and taking a look at the global economic crisis,” said Guergis. “It is important that we take a step back and take a look at the agenda and make sure we are on the right track.”

Instead of outrage, Guergis said people are “pleased” with the shutdown. “It’s a great opportunity to further consult with Canadians,” she said. “They are pleased with the direction of the government and the Economic Action Plan and they are pleased we are taking a step back.”


The people of Simcoe-Grey have spoken

  1. And the RH Helena Guergis would say if anyone came in and ventured a different opinion, right!

    • Does the "RH" stand for "Retarded of Hearing"? Just wondering.

    • Agreed Anon, she's just an H. RH is reserved for Prime Ministers and GG's only no?

      • Oops my bad.

  2. Speaking at people and denigrating non-partisan grassroot protest is not the same as consulting people.

    At all.

  3. What planet do these people live on?

  4. And just how many Libs and Dippers and Greens would show up in her office to chat, hmmm?

    Living in a bubble is dangerous.

    • Clearly leftists all think Conservative Canadians have cooties. Why else would anyone be scared to talk to their own MP?

  5. Sounds like the roofers' rule — "Don't step back to admire your work."

  6. So is that what they mean by consulting with your constituents? Sitting in your Collingwood office and listening to whoever ventures through your door? "I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou."

    Still, might be worth a phonecall – to find out how much base and what the conditions are like on the hill.

    • nice Fargo reference :)

  7. I guess there just aren't any "elites" and "chattering classes" of Canadians living in her riding.

  8. I know whenever I speak to people about what the government should do, the overwhelming answer is "take more steps back"

  9. Wait, so people are pleased with everything the government's doing AND pleased that the government is stepping back to recalibrate what they're doing???

    Clearly the people of Simcoe-Grey like EVERYTHING.

  10. Guergis said she's encouraging anyone concerned about the prorogation to have a look at her latest "10 per center" newsletter

    Thanks for getting us to pay for your wheelbarrow full of fertilizer. Keep spreading, and I hope you reap what you sow.

  11. Wait, isn't Simcoe-Grey a hotbed of cocaine and alcohol abuse?

    • If you ask Guergis, she'll say people are "pleased" with that as well, since it demonstrates that their political representatives are regular Canadians just like them.

  12. Guergis is probably right about the people in her riding. Remember, these are people who were *pleased* to vote for an MP that had plans to move to another province the day after the election. Since they are not at all interested in having a representative anywhere near them, why should we be surprised that they are pleased said representative has no place in which to represent?

  13. Assuming 'everyone' agrees with the anti-prorogy protestors?

    I am sure there are many who find a break from the name calling and accusations made under parliamentary priviledge,
    easy to take.
    QP is a gong show.

  14. Sounds like a great time for an enterprising reporter to go talk to the people on the street and in the rural parts of Grey-Simcoe to see if they in fact are "pleased", in Guergis' words.

  15. “I am familiar with that, but that's certainly not what I've heard when they (people) come into my constituency office and we have a conversation about taking a step back and recalibrating and taking a look at the global economic crisis,” said Guergis.

    And by "they" she means CPC volunteers…

  16. All the people my staff have let in to talk to me have such nice things to say

  17. Helena is and will always be the most serious competitor for Pierre Poilievre as the supreme putz of the CPC team!
    Heck – she used to (and probably always will) rely on rpompt cards to help her remember the talking points – at policy debates with opposition candidates – and pretty well at every public event she attends (which are few and far between because they keep her on a very short leash)…
    And then of course there is hubby Rahim Jaffar – toxic to the Harper inner circle – ducking and weaving as he tries to slip the noose of a DUI charge…

    • And how many Liberals or ex-Liberals currently have criminal charges pending? I'd be the Liberals have 3 pending charges for every 1 Conservative.

  18. Well, following that link, I see that at least 2 constituents sent their opinions about the Recalibration in letters to the editor of her local paper on Jan 8th.
    Others sent their 10 per centers back with moustaches on Guergis' photo, I'm sure.
    O! I guess she's only counting walk-ins.

  19. You'd be pleased too if you had CPC figures literally zooming around the riding handing out cocaine.

    • C'mon Jack, you're dragging the bottom of the barrel there, no?

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