The pivotal paperwork (IV) -

The pivotal paperwork (IV)


After a week without explanation as to why a reference to abuse was redacted from that 2006 field report when it was originally released in 2007, three specific questions were registered last Friday with the offices of Defence Minister Peter MacKay and General Walter Natynczyk.

In regards to the redaction noted below, who oversaw, ordered or made that redaction? On what grounds was that reference to abuse redacted? Did those grounds no longer apply when Gen. Natynczyk disclosed the reference to abuse last week?

Minister MacKay’s office forwarded those questions to the Justice Department, the department responsible for overseeing redactions. No response has yet been received, but it will be posted here when it is.


The pivotal paperwork (IV)

  1. Ass-covering takes time Aaron.

  2. With so many to cover of course it does.

  3. Just out of sheer curiosity: Do we know who registered the questions?

    • Heh, that was the burning question I had, too, Lynn. At first I thought it was MacKay himself, and I was overjoyed to think he'd pull such a responsible move. Sadly, reality returned to me.

      Aaron, you sent those questions to MacKay and Natynczyk, right? Very good job! This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to have a Maclean's subscription.

      • yeah awesome questions Aaron. Any change of adding When were the redactions made?

  4. Maybe you should have said – the response will be posted here IF it is received.

  5. you think it is easy making redactions?

  6. No! How did you do that?

    • I am Peter MacKay.

      just joking of course (sorry if offended and of his staff you might be reading).

      the site use standard html formatting so it is (without the spaces!):

      < strike > your strike through text here < /strike > or < i > your italicized text here < /i >

      • LOL. Thanks. So "strike" is the operative term. Good to know.

  7. Learned two things on the Day Before Christmas: 1) considering the questions asked, journalism still is practiced in some media, and 2) how to strike through in html!

    Happy Humbug to Aaron and all non-Neandercons!

  8. "No response has yet been received, but it will be posted here when it is."

    …assuming the response isn't an obscene suggestion regarding what Canadians can go do to themselves. Macleans is a family publication, after all.