The problem with Trudeau's ladies night -

The problem with Trudeau’s ladies night

Quit treating all women as one special interest group


Last night I had the pleasure of attending Justin Unplugged (not to be confused with Justin Bieber Unplugged at the Apollo): the heavily criticized $250-a-head Liberal party women’s fundraiser and Q&A that made national headlines for its perceived sexism. In case you missed it, the event’s detractors took aim at the #askJustin PR campaign on Twitter yesterday: namely at the event’s Andy Warhol inspired Evite portraying Trudeau as a teeny bopper heartthrob—not a serious political candidate. The Evite, which could also pass as an early 90’s Bar Mitzvah invitation, poses questions such as “what is your favourite virtue?”, “who are your real-life heroes?” and “what is the biggest issue facing women?” “Ladies,” it reads, “you’re invited to (really) get to know the future Prime Minister.”

A lot of “ladies”, needless to say—and a lot of men—didn’t appreciate the campaign’s flirty attitude. Twitter reactions ranged from self-righteous (“check your privilege”) to sardonic. “What’s the biggest issue facing women?” tweeted Tory MP Michelle Rempel. “This kind of crap.”

Addressing about a hundred women and a few men at the historic Burroughes Building on Queen St. West last night, Trudeau was lighthearted about the mini-scandal that had occupied his day. He sat proud and cool against the backdrop of an exposed brick wall. “Oh Justin, what a terrible thing you’ve done” he joked, mimicking those who disapproved of the invitation. Trudeau couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. “I mean it’s just an invite to a fun event,” he told me later. And neither could the night’s beleaguered organizers who had spent all day, presumably, answering the media’s questions about sexism. “The fact that an invitation could cause women to think there was sexism involved in this event was really upsetting to me,” said Lindsay Mattick, a Liberal volunteer who oversaw the invitation’s design. “This was an event designed by women for women.”

It was. Pinot Grigio flowed freely, the candies (Starburst, Smartfood, gourmet macaroons) sat virtually untouched and the playlist was right out of Skins (Lorde, Phantogram etc.) It was like no political event I have ever been to. The lighting was flattering. Some of the chairs were upholstered in cowhide, and the coat check was efficient. A Turkish Canadian woman told me that she knew Justin Trudeau was going places when she saw him MC an event for the Dalai Lama many years ago. Another woman with long blonde hair, in a black, shimmering floor length dress and stilettos defended the allegedly sexist event invitation. “There will always be the critics,” she said. “It was supposed to be a bit tongue and cheek, self-referential.” Liberal volunteer Suzanne Cowan lauded the #askJustin segment. “Open mic night with a leader of the party?” she asked. “I don’t think Mulcair and Harper are doing those kinds of things.”

“This is about reaching a new audience and trying something different,” said Christina Topp, the party’s fundraising director. “The relaxed atmosphere is fantastic.”

Maybe it’s a bit too relaxed.

When it came to the #askJustin segment, we didn’t ask Trudeau questions to his face as we would in a regular Q&A. Instead, we wrote our questions down anonymously on little monogrammed #askJustin cards and placed them into a glass receptacle, health class style. And in true health class style, the unseemly questions were eventually sorted out (I know this because my “team Edward or team Jacob?” question didn’t make the cut). Can you imagine a room full of men at a political gathering stuffing anonymous missives discreetly into a box?

One of the event organizers, Amanda Alvaro sat beside Trudeau and read him the list of curated questions, the most difficult being which foreign state do you admire most. Everything Trudeau said was met by the audience with a deep and near universal sigh, or sometimes, hearty laughter. But as usual there was little political meat in his remarks. They felt rehearsed: platitude and deflection heavy. Trudeau will eventually have to ingratiate himself with those of us who don’t think he’s so pretty. And it may not be easy.

It is easy though, to dismiss the women of Justin Unplugged as self-inflicting sexists; fan girls blinded by their crushes on the handsome leader of the Liberal party. But to do so would be grossly unfair. Yes their flyer is mildly sexist. It’s a bit obnoxious and makes many of us cringe. If you want to get really critical, it sexualizes both candidate and voter and dumbs them down as well. But these women stand by their product and their event—at which everyone seemed to have a really awesome time. (They also raised just under $30,000 for a charity, the LPC affiliated Judy LaMarsh Fund, that supports women in politics). So what’s really the problem here? If these women aren’t offended by their fun and flirty take on political gatherings why should we be? What’s the big deal?

The big deal, in the end, is that one small group of women, by no real fault of their own, is representing an entire gender. Imagine if the event had still raised money for a women’s cause, kept its flirtatious tone but advertised itself as gender neutral. People would continue to make fun of it, no doubt, but chances are that few of them would get angry or call sexism. For now, perhaps we should all consider this:

Women (surprise, surprise) are different from one another and when some women—the kind who like Cosmos, say—speak for the kind who like scotch—things get sour. Nobody likes to be spoken for, and women have progressed to a point in this country where we no longer need to speak for one another. Yet we keep on doing it. We operate like a special interest group when we aren’t one. We have less and less in common every year—a good thing and a testament to progress in general. Maybe the problem then isn’t sexism at women’s events. Maybe it’s the events themselves.


The problem with Trudeau’s ladies night

  1. Doesn’t Michele Rempel occupy a seat in the HOC, in camera shot, just behind the PM, previously occupied by the former Ms. Huronia?

    • It seems every time the right goes nuts over Trudeau, it drives the liberal fund raising mad(come on with it), up go the donations. Im not sure anyone took anything from the boxing match between Trudeau and Brazman, but if you had to notice, the more Brazman went after Trudeau, the more Trudeau got stronger. when your the third party and your numbers are ahead of the governing party and the main opposition, it puts a big BULLS EYE on your back. And I wonder whos throwing the darts.

      • MP Remple’s Twitter pic is also rather playful, but I’m sure that’s entirely a different issue.

      • with trudeau’s admiration of China, I would say he painted a very nice target on his back

        • why is this not attracting more attention?

          • it has been mentioned but you know, he’s a Liberal and most media have a hands off approach when it comes to Liberals…CBC claims he was only joking

          • no, its not the C B C, its the intelligence of the person reading the article(righties read with binoculars and intelligent people read with their eyes).. if you read closely enough, you will find, that its a dig at your bud harper. and we no how you feel about your buddy harper.

          • actually his recovery was about the PM and the Sun, his actual answer was honest and confusing. His self editor was off if he thinks the administrators of China are something to be admired.

          • Maybe he has captured the zeitgeist of the upper middle classes; we need a strong man to keep the hoi-polloi down where they belong.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • How wonderful that you defend your leader against accusations of sexism by objectifying women. Real smart.

        Oh, and speaking of genders, here’s some interesting facts:
        Females in the Conservative caucus: 28
        Females in the Liberal caucus: 6

        • How many seats do the Conservatives have, and how many seats do the Liberals have? Math much?

          • Ratios are nearly identical. 17.3% percent of the Conservative caucus is female (28/162). 17.6% of the Liberal caucus is female (6/34).

          • Typical Liberal, everything’s relative to you people. Is 28 > 6, or is 28 = 6? Have math much? The Conservative’s are responsible for more women in parliament.

            Are we talking about the # of women in parliament here, the the % of women in parliament for specific parties? I’m guessing from your tone that you’re all for more women in parliament, if they’re Liberals, but not for more women in parliament if they’re Conservatives. Have I got that right?

          • So, by this logic, the United States is more welcoming of Muslims than is Qatar. After all, there are more Muslims in the U.S. than there are in Qatar. Is the U.S. similarly every bit as Jewish a nation as Israel? Because both countries are home to roughly the same total number of Jews.

            If 17.6% of the Liberal caucus is female, and 17.3% of the Tory caucus is female, they’re both equally unrepresentative of the population at large.

          • I guess, by your math, the Conservatives would have more shoplifters, tax evaders, and child molesters in Parliament too. Have I got that right?

          • “The Conservative’s” what? Not only do you suck at Math (as LKO pointed out), you suck at basic Grammar.

          • and no one ever mentioned that the PMs top advisers are female, his caucus has a lot of woman. But hey that would defeat the Conservatives are sexist accusations.

    • to get back to the article… Trudeau’s greatest answer was his admiration for China and it’s dictatorship…a point that was omitted from this fluffy piece. Trudeau also admires China’s “green energy”…guess he hasn’t seen the pictures of all the smog and pollution in a country that builds 2 new coal-fired plants every week. But, according to the CBC, their Shiny Pony was only joking…of course he was…lol

      • Well he did not say that at all, but then it is hard to make your point without pretending otherwise.

        • Exact quote – “You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say ‘we need to go green fastest . . . we need to start investing in solar.’ I mean there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted that I find quite interesting.”
          His answer was honest and he meant it – there was a pause then he changed course by attacking the PM and the Sun. If he meant it, then it was stupid – if he meant what the whole quote says, then he is not the “new breed” politician he claims to be and is less than civil. So which do you want it to be?

        • The quote is on video, in full context. So you’re denials just make you look dishonest.

      • Sure China has a lot of pollution, but they also have a lot of Green energy.

        • no they don’t – they build cheap solar panels which they sell to N.A. As stated above 2 coal plants a week, but they did sign a big deal with Russia for natural gas, give them that. Wind and solar is not strong in China and to say so is just wrong…

  2. So the author bemoans one small group of ladies for ‘representing’ all women, by her speaking for all women?

    Wow, we are down the rabbit hole.

    • You are dull. She speaks only for the women who drink scotch.

  3. Seriously concerned about the author’s point, does every event that is targeted to an audience (women, Jews, blacks, students, red heads) have to represent the entire group?

    • I expect they accurately represented “Women willing to donate $250 to a charity who are on our mailing list and who would like to meet Justin Trudeau”.

      • our middle class…

  4. We operate like a special interest group when we aren’t one

    Perfect. Nail on the head.

    Becoming more of a fan of your work than I thought I would be.

  5. First, let me say how pleased I am to finally read the perspective from one of the professional women who actually attended the event. It is no surprise that questions would be curated, and that a silly question (yours, Emma, meant to be silly) was not asked. However, as with other commenters here, I don’t know why you think women, or Liberal women, assume we are a homogenous group across the country any more than any other large demographic group (First Nations, for example, were being critisized during INM last winter for not all sharing the same grievances — as if all FN people spread across the country have the same issues.

    Trudeau has said he wants to do politics differently, and he is proving true to his word. I find it refreshing and I don’t need any stupid man on here telling me I only like his hair. FFS, if hair was a determinant of how I am going to vote — I’d vote for Steve’s wind-defying helmet of hair.

    • But he’s *not* doing politics differently. You want to do politics differently? Stop with the identity politics bullsh!t. That would be doing politics differently from everyone.

      He won’t do that. People always talk about doing politics differently, but they never do because what people do now works.

      • All marketing involves segmenting the various audiences, john, even (most especially) political marketing. You segment them to understand their needs and issues — so you can address them. So you can say, “you asked — and I listened.” I meant he’s different because (a) women seem to like him and (b) he’s willing to put himself out there and ANSWER QUESTION FROM THE UNWASHED MASSES! Both of those make him very different from the current pm.

        • What patch said. I think “answering questions from people’ kinda counts as doing things differently.

  6. You still miss the point about what is wrong with Trudeau`s event.
    But you were close when you wrote ” Trudeau will eventually have to ingratiate himself with those of us who don`t think he`s so pretty “.
    The problem with Trudeau, with the conscious effort being made by the Liberal Party to use his ” prettiness ” to attract women voters, with media-folk like yourself seemingly unaware of this shallow strategy,is that this is no way to choose the possible future leader of the country.

    It`s great that some women find Trudeau attractive, but c`mon, tell me how you would feel if any political Party were to choose an attractive woman leader. then deliberately promote events for men where they could ogle the woman while asking flirty questions.
    I would hope an intelligent woman would recognize this cynical strategy before doling out $250.

    • If you honestly believe women support Trudeau because he’s “pretty” — you sure don’t have any respect for women and our ability to think things through, cawm. Essentially, you are telling us that you would vote for, oh say Pam Anderson as PM because she’s attractive?

      And you have no “cawms” about telling the young professional woman writer she missed YOUR point? Is dat you, harpdaddy?

      • I`m sure Emma Teitel doesn`t need you to defend her .

        About the fact that some women are Trudeau fans because he`s pretty ( Emma`s word ):
        Ask yourself this: How do you think last night`s event would have gone over if the man picking the justaskquestions out of the jar had been Stephane Dion ?

        • It would have been a totally different event, cawm. It would not have been cocktails and questions for Stephane Dion — and why is it wrong to develop events tailored for the leader of the day? Harper also would not be at something like this. But you know, it wouldn’t have been out of Jack Layton’s game plan to attend such an event, would it?

        • Stupid question. You assume the only difference between Dion and Trudeau is their looks.

        • Emma needs to go back to school. Shes a hack.

      • You’re right patchouli, females don’t ONLY support Justina because he’s pretty-it’s also the slight french accent & youth but make no mistake-it’s purely superficial & your protestations are a dead giveaway.
        I’ve heard it so many times from the gals-‘Yeah, he looks good, but not much else’.
        There is no way you or anyone else can state, & keep a straight face, that his popularity is because of his solid political track record, intricately detailed plan for the nation & leadership qualities.

        Quite honestly, if your claims of ‘thinking things thru’ or in fact true, then you should have come to that conclusion on your own & btw, put away the indignant attitude & tired old ‘no respect for women’ nonsense.

        • Sorry, Big Daddy-o, you don’t get to tell us “gals” how to think. This isn’t Father Knows Best — and even that was a fiction. Any idiot who thinks feminizing a man’s name makes him look smart or macho is kind of an idiot, so I guess maybe you don’t think at all.

          • I get it, you are a very earnest feminist/leftist with father figure issues but that’s just boring already. I never once told you nor any other female how to think-my comments are based on real life comments that I’ve heard smart women make.

            All you did was deflect-no logical rebuttal on my second paragraph because generally there isn’t one-JT rating China’s dictatorship as a political model worthy of respect is just jaw dropping-he is mimbo with little substance which is likely why you find him so nonthreatening.

          • What a patronizing chump

    • good point

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • The comments section is no place for your internal monologue, son.

      • Chuckle-it’s nice to have my theories so quickly confirmed.

        • And now it’s self-confirmation in public. You should really get a room.

          • Stop-tears in my eyes…
            It’s fun to laugh at liberals as they haven’t much of a compass-by definition they must embrace every human notion that comes along which is why they devolve so quickly to personal attacks.

            As long as u feel like a hero surrounded by all ur stuffed animals mostlycivil, I won’t take that away from u.

          • Where is the Reformacon compass pointing these days?

          • Not sure-don’t subscribe to any party lines in particular but it appears the nail has been hit again.
            Finn, you seem to be looking for better answers by asking about someone else’s compass because the liberal one is broken.

          • “…which is why they devolve so quickly to personal attacks”

            Goodness, was that intentional irony?

          • cant be conservative in truth and support the clowns in our federal government. Bring back the old Tory party.

  8. Did the organizers ever pretend that the women at this event would represent all women? Women are free to attend any political party event (may be not those of Harper’s party if we remember the last electoral campaign) and speak up. So what is the problem?

    • That seems more enlightened — maybe there’s hope for you yet. I gave you a thumbzup!

    • The name changed — discus is playing with me again because when this was first posted, it appeared to be from “cawm.” So Keeper — it was NOT a comment on you being enlightened at all, so sorry.

      • You’re forgiven.

        • Thank you; I feel better!

  9. One small group of women, by no real fault of their own, is representing an entire gender?
    Please….this was a fundraiser to raise funds for the Judy LaMarsh Fund, a fund that is used to promote women going into politics. A group of professional women organized the event, invited Trudeau and raised funds for ANY woman whom wants to throw her hat in the Liberal candidate ring. Rempel and Glover should be celebrating any attempts to bring women into politics not turning this into a partisan ‘sexist’ fiasco.
    Teitel Page, should Trudeau have turned down this invitation to speak at a fundraiser for women whom want to enter politics? Should he have had any say in how the organizers designed their invitations? Why did you pander to the sexist angle? Are business groups, sports groups, retail groups that put on ‘women only’ events sexist too?

  10. You know this event is a sexist spectacle? Imagine the outrage from the Liberals if the Conservative’s were to organize a fundraiser in which only men were allowed to attend and scantily clad women were on the invitation. There would be sheer apocalyptic outrage from Liberals and Dippers. And yes, I think that would be rather sexist.

    If it’s sexist to target men this way, it’s equally sexist to target women this way, no?

    • Conservatives + scantily clad women? Where? When?

      • and “busty hookers” too!

      • The Toronto Sun. Every day.

        Though I don’t know PRECISELY where, as I’m not certain what page the Sunshine girl appears on these days. (Online though, she’s here).

        • For a brief gaudy second, I thought that was MIchelle Rempel’s Twitter photo.

    • Your example only works if Justin had worn a Speedo to the Q and A

      Since he didn’t, your example is a false equivalency.

      Added bonus? I just made you think of Justin in a Speedo. Again..

      • This comment was deleted.

        • This comment was deleted.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • This comment was deleted.

    • Huge difference. Women (and also minorities) tend to get left out disproportionately from the circles of power in the business and political world. That’s why people don’t make a big deal out of events that are more exclusive to them: because it is seen as evening up the opportunities to have their voices heard (or in this case: their cash taken).

      An event for men only when men already hold most of the levers of power looks simply more like an attempt to keep it for themselves.

      • clearly you are a communist who does not support the troops.

    • Trudeau wasn’t scantily dressed so your comparison fall flat on it’s face. There is no need for a men only event because men are over-represented in politics. Nice try.

  11. This is exactly how Michelle Rempel answers questions at her constituency townhalls:

    “Instead, we wrote our questions down anonymously …and placed them into a glass receptacle, health class style. And in true health class style, the unseemly questions were
    eventually sorted out (I know this because my “team Edward or team
    Jacob?” question didn’t make the cut). Can you imagine a room full of
    men at a political gathering stuffing anonymous missives discreetly into
    a box?”

  12. The target audience was well-to-do women who already vote Liberal.
    Open your wallets Gals, and get your $250 photo op with Justin.
    The event had nothing to do with women’s issues, it was about their money.

  13. So the controversy is that Justin was able to get a whole bunch of women to come to his party?
    Was it because if the other two tried this no one would show up?

  14. Did you make the same comments on our PM when he was making pointed comments that appealed to his base? That was last week.

  15. Wow $250 per ticket for an all high profile women’s event??? ….sounds like someone’s using their looks to manipulate their way to the top…Wake me up when we live in a different place & time please!

    • $250.00
      High profile women’s event = upper income women’s event

      • Yes, see also fundraising event = people with extra money attending.

        • Yes, see also people with extra money attending = lower/middle class women not welcome as we have no extra money due to being taxed to the point of welcoming the sweet release of death from our bondage.

          • It was one of those high stakes fundraisers, yes, like premiers and leaders’ suppers, etc. I would never spend such cash for such an event – but you know, there are plenty of opportunities to meet politicians at free events too. If one is politically interested, one can join the local riding association of the party of choice, and hobnob and actually help out on the campaign. But a fundraiser is a fundraiser, and assuredly most of us who worry about paying bills (and TAXES) aren’t likely to attend.

          • “not welcome” is too harsh; have other financial priorities is closer to the truth. When I was younger, single parent, uni student, etc, I was unable to afford all kinds of things, and political fundraisers weren’t even in my vocabulary. I got used to being cheap (poor) and even now, when kids are grown and everying is more settled, I continue to be cheap — my party of choice does not get much money from me, but I do volunteer my time now and then for various activities, which give me more valuable opportunity to engage with decision makers than any fundraiser would. And to be invited to private functions that do not ask for money — ie when the leaders were travelling to garner votes.

          • So what you’re sating is, everyone should have the right to attend a fundraising event, even if they can’t afford to…raise funds? You might wish to stay out of the charitable sector…

          • I “sate” nothing, except for how I see things and how I live. I’m happy to stay out of the charitable sector if it means 20g goes to the speaker and whatever is left goes to the fund. Thankfully, there are those willing to donate their time for free so those in power can continue to make money. Charity. Right.

          • My apologies for the typographical error, I shall do my best to type in a more accurate and pleasing fashion.

            n the charity world, if you spend 20 grand on a high-profile speaker, you expect to bring in between 60 and 200 thousand dollars (“Whatever is left” ,as you say.).

            If you don’t cover your costs, you’ve done a bad job selling tickets or finding sponsors.

            And many famous people (including Mr. Trudeau) are happy to donate their time to causes they believe in…but there are 80,000 charities in Canada, and only a handful of speakers that can draw a crowd willing to pay to hear them. And for most of these events you seem so concerned about, Mr. Trudeau was, at the time, using public speaking as his employment, no?
            So you’re suggesting he should not have been able to earn a comfortable living in the free market?

          • that’s funny…:) right back at ya…

          • Funny haha, or funny dear god, take me now ??

          • Liberals always = funny dear dog, keep your hands off my wallet…

          • Hahaha… cute. Doesn’t even help to sit on it. They’ll just reach into your bank account or stick their hand right in your pocket.

          • or elsewhere – it use to be stay out of our bedrooms, now its stay out of our pants…cheers

  16. Can you imagine a room full of men at a political gathering stuffing anonymous missives discreetly into a box?
    No, I couldn’t imagine a men’s only political event, because that would be sexist.

    • Nope, not sexist at all. Please have a wine and candy night where all the relevant questions are shuffled off and maybe someone, somewhere will change venues like this.
      But, who am I kidding. I would have been the first one kicked out by security if I even 250 to spend to not get my questions answered. And I don’t drink wine or eat candy or “sigh heavily with my heaving bosom” over answers. (I took some liberties with the last part of that :)

      • they should have had brandy and cigars – candy and wine is sexist…

        • True dat. However brandy, cigars and sizing up each others exhaust pipes are sexist to wimmin and mangina’s. So, candy is dandy, wine works for some, brandy soothes the tired beast and cigars are not welcome inside and outside it’s a peeing contest. No one wins.

  17. It is very important to remember that four members of the miniscule Liberal caucus recently voted to reopen the abortion debate.

  18. I don’t drink cocktails, don’t call myself a lady or a girl, I don’t wear heels or makeup. However, I have no problem with any woman who likes to do all those things or some of those things.

    I assume some women will go to fundraisers, whether for politics or for some charity like the liver foundation, which bills it as a “ladies” or “girls” event and I never felt like I should feel personally offended that some women do this.

    You need to believe yourself, Ms Teitel, that some women do not speak for all women. When you believe that, you will then see this event as no big deal and think great for them that they raised money for a cause they support.

    • Ms Teitel is still young, her mind addled by booze and idiocy.She might someday develop into a writer worth reading, but that could be a very long time.

  19. This is a great article, Emma.
    Keep up the great writing (and work!).

  20. “The big deal, in the end, is that one small group of women, by no real fault of their own, is representing an entire gender”

    Not sure how you come to this conclusion. All he was doing was targeting women who were willing to pay for this kind of closer interaction with a handsome, political celebrity. It was a bit of mutual exploitation and I’m pretty sure both sides were aware of it, but both sides also seemed happy enough with it.

    A politician needs to connect to audiences, and raise money. Not all audiences have to be treated the same, or picked to be as heterogeneous as possible. In fact, in politics it’s better to get a more specific audience because you can better tailor the event and message to that group. This happens all the time and I have no problems with this, nor do I think it is informative to try to make a stretch for any more generalized conclusions. , I think the fact that this is the sort of thing that we’re criticizing Justin Trudeau about shows just how little there is to try to bring him down with. “Oh look, he’s so good-looking and he keeps using that to raise money for charity. Quelle horreur!”

  21. The Judy LaMarsh fund isn’t a charity any more than the Conservative bank account that Wright allegedly had access to was – it is, like the Victory Fund or Laurier Club, a fund of and for a political party.

    The article gives the false impression that this was a charity fundraiser and it isn’t: your first clue should’ve been that Justin didn’t charge twenty large as a speaking fee!

    “women have progressed to a point in this country where we no longer need to speak for one another.”

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullshit, Teitel, if you believed this you’d be calling for the end of Status of Women.

    “We operate like a special interest group when we aren’t one.”

    Liberal Pink Book, Liberal Womens’ caucus, Status of Women dept., FairVote Canada – you’re a special interest group whether you want to admit it or not.

  22. Okay, here goes. I’m a middle aged woman who lives in Alberta. Yes, I am a Conservative. I also feel it is a good thing to have a decent strong opposition in government to keep everyone on their toes, and inspire some intelligent debate on important issues. I write this as a comment, and in part, as a message to Justin Trudeau.

    Now, as far as JT’s Ladies night, I don’t find it sexist. Why not have such a thing?
    What I do find quite demeaning is the ad/invitation which appears to be taken from a Tiger Beat magazine cover from the 70’s. Teen Idol on cover: Could you be my Girlfriend? What is your favorite colour? ( mine is blue ) Do you like romantic walks in the moonlight? ( I love them ) I find the invitation demeaning because it’s silly. Geez, I hate silly when it comes to someone who wants to be Prime Minister. You can be fun and personable without being silly, you know.

    Justin, you have to try to appeal to women of all kinds if you want to get anywhere. I believe it was mentioned that ” women are no longer a special interest group”. Well, no kidding. I sure as h*ll hope not. I’ll actually come and see you someday Justin, when the campaigning starts, I assume you’ll be around my area sometime. I want to hear something of substance. Like I said, we need a good solid opposition. And sorry, but I don’t think you’ll win the election of 2015. But someday you may do so. I hope you will be ready.

    In the meantime, I will also go to see PM Harper, and Justin fans, believe me, Steven Harper can easily attract a room of women as well as Justin can. Hey! PM Harper has good hair too! Just different. And Mulcair, I don’t care for your politics, but I love your passion. Ladies, gents, let’s go see them all, and hope they have something of substance to say to us. Justin, come prepared.

    • I wouldn’t count on Trudeau spending any time in Alberta once the writ drops. He knows there’s nothing for him to gain there, so he’ll likely ignore Alberta completely, except when talking about new taxes targeted at Alberta, of course.

  23. Well now, Ms. Sour Grapes! I think you are being rather demeaning to the women who attended this event as well. The difference is that in Justin’s defense, it was never the intent. Most of your article, all the way down to the last one, belongs in a gossip column somewhere. As for the last paragraph I would just like to say that you do not speak for me. Women are progressing but they are nowhere near where you suggest. I have no problem with the Ladies Night with Justin. There’s no need to suggest I am a stupid slut for saying that. I am not sure if all the jealousy and anger is political or if it’s real, but it’s over the top at any rate.

  24. Definitions

    Himbo ….an attractive yet unintelligent male
    Himbo’s bimbo’s …the females that adore him.

  25. Surface Progressives swimming in shallow water while Turdeau is up to his anklettes.

  26. Is MacLeans now in lock step with CBC, no reporting on the China comments?

  27. Michelle Rempel gives a new definition for “Lean In”. Why? To get camera exposure, or prove she was in attendance? To quote Michelle in commenting on Justin Trudeau: “Who does that?”

  28. While I must concur that a few of the comments here are indeed noteworthy, hence worthy of any time spent reading them, I must interject that Canadian politics is becoming more akin to that of the United Stated- and rather problematically so. By this I mean, no one seems to care about the issues affecting us as Canadians, but rather we are developing an over the top preoccupation with the issues of “body politic”, which rightly or wrongly might require a substantially different forum, i.e first year University Art/ Ethics Course. I presume that the issues besetting Canadian Politics lumes much larger and must be worthy of your comments, however many do a disservice such a cause. Albeit interesting to read after the first 15 seconds, which is how long I spend reading the contrite drivel that passes for American political commentary/ issue before bursting into laughter or otter tears which ever comes first. In my humble opinion and I do mean humble, when as a society we find it precarious to distinguish political leadership from criminals or we somehow group them together to bolster an argument it is indeed time for reflection and concern, as the country for which many bled a died for must be given over to better stewardship and care.How easy it is to compare apples and oranges, when the similarities of both things inherently limits their comparison.

    • This disturbs me as well. Keith Davey “the Rainmaker” was the first to bring polling and political ads to Canada when he saw how they were being used in the States. That ended with Adscam by the Liberals. We now have Trudeau Jr. employing the Democrat machine to organize his campaign by using databases of all Liberal doners in order to profile them. Along with this we have the advent of the pressure groups from the US – DemocracyNow, VotePair, and AVAAZ and Super PACS such as Working Families which is also an American offshoot. We don’t do politics like this up here and it is obvious these groups don’t understand that. We don’t have a large lo-fo voter base up here nor do we have a consolidated black vote that can be swayed. Hopefully after the robocall debacle, both parties will be a little more circumspect with the use of people’s phone numbers. There is no way I would ever donate to a party that is profiling me. Ever.

      • The conservatives actually have the most sophisticated tools for profiling their supporters. Dont let a fact get in the way of your partisan nonsense, though.

  29. you finish your article by speculating on behalf of all women about how it annoys women when other women try to speak on their behalf. And how exactly did these women (te event organizers) try to speak on behalf of all women? Seems to me they’re trying to engage women in politics and give women a chance to voice their own questions. You do not back up the claim the questions were filtered, or the alleged flirtiness of the evite. What exactly is flirty about it? How exactly does it make Trudeau look like a teeny bopper? You are not backing these and other claims in your article. C-, kiddo.

  30. I don’t want a womanizer as prime minister — especially a married one. He should have stayed single. Even then… seriously creepy.

    • Womanizer? You do make unusual and complex links.

  31. As my great grandmother would say…
    “Eyie yi yi” – – which is Yiddish for “Get a life”!
    Seriously, stop taking this so seriously.

    • I don’t think anybody is taking Trudeau seriously anymore.

  32. Very humorous advertising. Conservatives don’t seem to mind allowing their ‘significant others’ to parade around online in stupid, sexist poses that most children shouldn’t be allowed to see….and then try to sell their sleazy ‘selfies’ as ‘promotional TOOLS of empowerment’. Conservatives also don’t mind being profiled all over Canadian media as ‘powerful, influential, wealthy, sports fans who indulge in sleazy associations and defraud people’.

    • Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should try doing a pay per view event…..

  33. Patronizing sophormoric tripe, in order to attack Trudeau.

  34. he wants to reach out to the middle class, because all middle class Canadians can drop $250 on a meet Jr social gathering right. They failed to mention the charity this was for, perhaps its the Liberal Party of Canada…

    • It was a fundraiser for a female Liberal that didn’t even speak and JT doesn’t speak at events for free.

  35. So, which foreign state does he admire the most?

  36. Sophomoric tripe written by an offensive clown.