This is going well (II)


More from the Globe.

The senior Tory member of the panel, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, said she was not about to get into a “he said, she said” argument with the Liberals. “I’m not going to discuss what went on in the room,” she said…

Although he described the meeting as “tense” and “frustrating,” Mr. Savage believes these meetings could be a “model for getting things done in the future, if it works out.”

“But in order for that to happen, there has to be good faith on both sides,” he said, adding that the document the Tories released had a note on it that said “Employment Insurance Working Group not for distribution.” “Then, they ran out and distributed it. I think that speaks for itself,” he said. “I thought there were points in the meeting today where I thought we could make some progress, but when they came running out of the meeting and released their distorted information, I’ll tell you very honestly, it’s frustrating and it causes doubt”…

Ms. Finley, meanwhile, would not confirm that a document was distributed nor would she say if her side put anything on the table.


This is going well (II)

  1. Why doesn't the media just name the "senior Conservative official" who released the document? If they know enough to know the person is a senior Conservative official, then presumably they know who it is. Canwest and others don't come across very well by spreading such partisan misinformation and hiding the identity of the source.

  2. For those of us who don't trust the media, the Liberals, or the Conservatives, there's no hope of sorting this out.

    • yeah I wish MI had demanded the sessions be held on prime time tv and that he and SH be at the table.

    • It's usually pretty easy to figure these things out when one party isn't denying the accusation… "I'm not getting into a he said-she said back and forth…" why would she say that if she could simply deny it?