This is the anthem, etc. -

This is the anthem, etc.


Rock Plaza Central, critically acclaimed for their songs about robot horses, make a protest video (sort of featuring our own Andrew Coyne).

Lead singer Chris Eaton explains.


This is the anthem, etc.

  1. I liked "I am an excellent steel horse" alot better.

  2. "Somehow," says Rock Plaza Central band leader Chris Eaton, "the job of politicians has gone from serving their countries to just trying to win elections, and from leading by example to belittling the opposition so much that they are elected by being the lesser evil."

    Right, because Mackenzie King was well known for his deep devotion to the country, his courage to do the right thing, whatever public opinion might say, and he of course loathed winning elections. Ahistorical asshat.

    Someone said civility is the new political correctness. Harper has turned out to be more left wing than lefties ever imagined, so rather than criticize him directly, which they can't do, they make passive aggressive general complaints about the lack of civility in politics in general and can't we all just get along and blah blah blah. It's bullsh*t.

    Lefties never complain about the lack of civility when Liberals are in power: when Chretien assaults a protester he's the cat's ass, when Trudeau gives Canadians the finger and reportedly gives his wife the backhand he's a strong leader.

    Chump complains about politicians pandering, it never occurs to him that democracy might be the problem here. China doesn't have elections, which goes a long way to explaining their sound economic fundamentals and solid human rights record. Yes, I said human rights record; China, unlike Canada, didn't jail a guy last week indefinitely for saying mean stuff about women on the internet.

    • Obviously you know nothing about China's human rights record. Oh sure, democracy is the problem here, the erosion of it, that is.

  3. In the video, who is or what does the horse represent?