Thou dost protest (IV)


In case you were wondering what it’s like to be a true shoe-leather reporter on the Hill, David Akin has uploaded audio of the protest as heard from the press gallery, him running up a stairwell after the protesters and then the RCMP politely asking him to go elsewhere.


Thou dost protest (IV)

  1. Was it actually the RCMP, or HoC security? RCMP are normally not allowed inside the building unless invited by the Speaker.

    • The individual who was talking to me was not in the HoC blue shirt but was plainclothes RCMP who are pretty common around the Hill (albeit without weapons when they are in the Parl Buildings)

      • Thanks for the clarification. Did he have the right to ask you to leave? Were you able to stay in the hall? Unfortunately the rest of your conversation is inaudible due to the protesters' chants.

      • And the HoC security team also have plainclothes guys – do you know if they called the RCMP in because of the disturbance or were they already present? I'm fascinated by how they dealt with this.

  2. I hate to be a humourless pedant, but I am. It's "thou dost," not "thou doth." "Thou" is 2nd person singular, "doth" is 3rd person singular.

    • Oh, but there are flashes of humour from time to time, Mr. Pedant.

  3. Jack Pedant is a pretty good handle now that you mention it.

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