Today in online discourse -

Today in online discourse


Once more, to Twitter.

MinJKSad to see @ujjaldosanjh embarrassed by his own leader on the HST. Ujal’s “against” the HST; his leader’s for it:

ujjaldosanjh@MinJK Sad to see distortion on your part but not surprised. Fed Libs clear, HST dumb move by Cons in deep econ recsn

ujjaldosanjh@minjk Fed Libs also clear that we will not tear up fed-prov agreements, unlike Cons tearing up childcare agreement

powerstim@ujjaldosanjh no on childcare you will just promise something for 13 years and never deliver. Libs suffer from short-term memories.

MinJK@ujjaldosanjh LOL! Ujjal, the fed Liberal govt invented the HST in 1996. Now your party “opposes” it but won’t reverse it? That’s incoherent

powerstim@MinJK Ujjal and his Libs have never been encumbered by the truth or history. Those things are lost in Iggy’s Enchanted Forest of delusion.

Will update as events sort of warrant.


Today in online discourse

  1. Whatever, my dad can beat up your dad.

  2. That's 400,000 dollars of wisdom on display right there, courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer.

  3. Question: Which one is rubber, and which one is glue?

  4. Why does Dosanjh twitter like Tarzan?

  5. it reads like a macleans comment board…..

  6. Bets on the first party to release an entire platform in 140 characters or less?

    • Twittering your platform would require you to actually have a platform. We should be so lucky.

    • The Conservatives already did that in the last election.

  7. Its pretty rich for James Moore to slag anyone for hyprocrisy on taxes … it's his Prime Minister and Finance Minister who are helping Gordon Campbell increase taxes.

    Similarly, its pretty rich for Ujjal Dosanjh to try to make an issue out of a tax hike his leader says his party now supports.

  8. I think it's pretty childish for JK, a cabinet minister, to be twittering nonsense and BS – on our money. Doesn't he have enough to do?

    Tim Powers truly needs new material.

  9. "Will update as events sort of warrant."
    Does that mean you're quitting?

  10. MYL @ujjaldosanjh HST not at all a dumb move in midst of recession; any attempt to become more efficient is smart at ANY time.

    MYL @ujjaldosanjh BTW, is there a final report from the judge who couldn't handle the words "mandatory" & "recount" in VanS?

  11. LOL? Seriously?

  12. I see they're both ignoring Tim Powers.

    That's about right.