True patriot love


What do you suppose would have been, say, Jason Kenney’s reaction had Michael Ignatieff been found to have once said the following?

As is so often the case in Canada-US intellectual history, the US led the way with bold social experiments which didn’t really pan out. The US drew back, but Canada rushed in and embraced the American innovations as the latest thing. Yet once the Americans had abandoned them, Canadians then deluded themselves that their now ‘distinct’ approach demonstrated how different they were from the people they had originally copied, whereas in reality it proved the less flattering proposition that we are slower to learn from our mistakes.

As it is that’s excerpted from an interesting speech by Brian Lee Crowley. A speech Jason Kenney publicly declares to be “brilliant.”


True patriot love

  1. Hopefully it was actually Mr. Crowley who said that.

  2. Uh, wouldn't the noticeable difference be that if Ignatieff had once said something like that (and he very well might have as he said things not unlike that before he decided to come home and be a Canadian again) he would be fiercely arguing the opposite now. The problem with Ignatieff is that he sold his integrity, along with his soul, to become leader of the Liberal party.

    • I'm not a big Iggy supporter, but one could reasonably take the reverse interpretation:

      Perahps Iggy sold his integrity to become a Harvard professor/cosmopolitan public intellectual and is now trying to regain it. ie. so many are assuming his "new-found" Canadianess is a sham, when in fact, perhaps the real sham has been his life for the past 30 years?

      • Well, I'm willing to believe you when you say you're not an Ignatieff supporter 'cause this ain't helping him much.

        If we take you're interpretation here as valid, then you're effectively saying the guys a total windvane who'll say anything to get ahead. It hardly matters wherther he was lying then or if he's lying now does it?

        • Uh huh – and how about our PM's vaunted conservative "principles?"

          He's been in power for three years – how's that working out?

          • Wow. Tu quoque. But Mummy little Stephen has been bad bad too.

  3. As is so often the case, Mr. Crowley is wrong. Again. The "bold social experiments", such as they are,
    that Canada has undertaken were modeled on Britain and northern Europe.

    Any American influence has been to force dilution and denigration of them. And as a denizen of the
    "think tank" thicket, he would know that.

  4. Why am I not surprised that Brian Lee Crowley would draw inspiration from 19th-century politicians, who got to stand up for liberty without being constrained by extravagances like the minimum wage?