Truth, accountability and irony -

Truth, accountability and irony


An elderly government official, speaking anonymously, asserts the necessity of transparent governance.

According to a senior government official, Giorno’s memo warned that the access to information process “should be followed and respected by all. “It applies to everybody across government, including political staff,” the official said.

And he said that subject to access to information rules, residents have a right “to be given access to any record under the control of a government institution.” “Access to information is the public’s right,” the official said.


Truth, accountability and irony

  1. "Elderly"? How did you get "elderly" from the linked article?

    • Play on words of the "senior government official" line?

      Kinda lame, but that's how I read the joke.

      • Or, "you'd have to be old and grey to accept the antiquated idea that the free flow of information is necessary to democracy"

        Or…perhaps Wherry knows more about who this source is than we do.

      • I refuse to believe that Wherry would make such a lame joke. He must have meant something else.

        • Too much use of Word's thesaurus?

        • Let us know where you figure it out.

        • I don't think it's that lame and it's pertinent to the ridiculousness of getting information about secrecy from secret sources.

          I've asked before, and think it's a reasonable question: In this context what does "senior" mean? A deputy minister? A minister? Someone in the PMO? Someone who can still shoot and dribble but can't jump anymore?

      • Well done.
        A good description of what's left of our Canadian institutions after 4 years of creative vandalism disguised as a gov't.

  2. "Finally, and most important, the content of the Federal Accountability Act, and the government's discussion paper on access reform, is a cause for grave concern. What the government now proposes – if accepted – will reduce the amount of information available to the public, weaken the oversight role of the Information Commissioner and increase government's ability to cover-up wrongdoing, shield itself from embarrassment and control the flow of information to Canadians.
    No previous government, since the Access to Information Act came into force in 1983, has put forward a more retrograde and dangerous set of proposals to change the Access to Information Act."
    John Reid, Information Commissioner of Canada 1998-2006

  3. The PMO advocating for access to information?

    IT'S A TRAP!

    • Part of me is sad that you have to spell out the Ackbar joke. Previous posts were brilliant, but probably confused the young'uns and the elderly too.

  4. Ironic indeed.

    Never has so much been kept secret.