Whether or not anyone eats it would seem to be besides the point


Mac Harb, noted opponent of the seal hunt, dissents on Parliament’s decision to serve seal in the dining room.

“The harp seal that they are talking about and are so excited about, it tastes horrible,” said Liberal Senator Mac Harb, a former municipal politician in Ottawa.

He said he was told by people who have tried seal that it tastes bad, but has not tried it himself. “If they were to do this, it would be important for them to take a leadership role and have a feast first before any other members of Parliament so they can see first-hand how tasty it is. I’m sure they’ll conclude quite quickly it’s not edible.”

A correspondent with Gourmet magazine sampled seal a year ago. A raw piece of liver was described as “salty, smooth like sushi, and imbued with a scent of sea so strong I felt as if I were eating ocean.” The boiled ribs were “soft and somewhat rubbery, not as tender as pork, but again steeped with that satisfying hint of the sea.” And the brains were “creamy.”


Whether or not anyone eats it would seem to be besides the point

  1. I have never tried the brains or liver, but coming from a seal hunting family I have had the meat several times and it is quite good. That being said, I would think the Commons has better things to do than set the menu at the restaurant.

    • Food has never been so political! The upshot is, by doing this they are sending a message that this is normal, beloved Canadian fare. It isn't.

      Yeah, surely they've got bigger…um… seafood to fry…

  2. If it tastes so good, they should can the seal meat and sell it to gourmet stores. At least the meat wouldn't be wasted after they skin the carcasses.

    "Pork of the sea" Canadian seal meat. Dolphin safe! May contain traces of cod.

  3. What does Mac Harb eat? I bet I can find at least one thing he likes that I don't.

  4. hardly surprising when you have a gg that slices off a piece of seal heart and chows down with obvious glee. that being said, the majority of canadians do not want to be judged on how cruel the seal hunt is and that, in itself, should be the reason to stop this depravity. where did compassion go in our society with the hellholes of slaughterhouses, animals in tiny cages bred for human consumption denied all privileges and then slaughtered. their only crime is being born. prisoners get better treatment because they can voice their dissatisfaction and most times things are remedied. the way we treat the voiceless, sentient creatures in our society speaks volumes about us and it is not something to be proud of. surely parliament has better things to do than argue about serving seal in their cafeterias?

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