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Will we ever know what happened in Afghanistan? (II)


Richard Colvin’s affidavit is unsealed.

A former Canadian diplomat warned the federal government in May 2006 of “serious” and “alarming” problems with the handling of Afghan prisoners in Kandahar. Richard Colvin, now deputy head of intelligence at the Canadian embassy in Washington, filed several reports throughout his roughly 18 months in Afghanistan…

The Conservative government repeatedly said in the spring of 2007 that it had received no credible reports of prisoner abuse. But Colvin said he warned the deputy commander of the provincial reconstruction base after he became aware of problems upon arriving in Kandahar in April 2006.


Will we ever know what happened in Afghanistan? (II)

  1. Will we?

    No, I really don't think so.

  2. For some reason, I’m not at all surprised or disappointed.

  3. The Conservatives were "protecting" the Liberals who send Canadian Forces to Afghanistan and Kandahar ill-equipped and totally unprepared even after being there 4 years. The Liberals were complicit in the Bush Afghanistan fiasco, and had no proper plan for prisoners.

    This scandal should/will blowback upon the Liberals, since the Conservatives inherited this mess, and were just discovering what a disorganized mess the Liberals had left behind in Afghanistan.

    • I think you've been smokingthewheat instead of selling it, if you think anyone is going to buy the line that the Conservatives covered this up to protect the Liberals.