‘Would leaving well enough alone really have been a lesser option?’


Adam Radwanski plays Kremlinologist.

In other words, Ablonczy ran afoul of this government’s very tight message control. What’s odd, though, is that there’s been little suggestion that Trost did likewise – despite the fact that he’s the one who’s helped create a minor brouhaha over an internal matter. Now, it’s possible Trost has been reprimanded behind the scenes. But it’s equally possible, given his extremely low profile before this week, that he was fully authorized to slag Ablonczy in public, in hope of appeasing irritated social conservatives…

It may also, yet again, be about this government being too clever by half. It’s debatable how many of its socially conservative supporters, outside the real diehards, were even aware about the pride funding until this week – and it’s not as though the government is now retroactively revoking it. Meanwhile, any points it scored with social liberals have been squandered too. Truth be told, most of them didn’t know about the funding before this week either; now they mostly have the impression that the Tories regret it.


‘Would leaving well enough alone really have been a lesser option?’

  1. I guess — if Adam is to be believed — should all just move along as this is just inside baseball for the Conservatives. No major city or minority groups were the intended targets, just rogue ministers and their communications teams. It's not at all possible that anyone at the PMO thought:

    Bash Pride Week: Our socon base will be happy cuz they hate gays; the rest of Canada will join in a chorus of "we hate Toronto"; and the only people offended would never vote for us anyway.

    Bonus: Fewer journalists will talk about our medical isotope emergency, our collapsing nuclear medicine industry, our collapsing nuclear power industry or our collapsing mission in Afghanistan.

    Net-net: Bashing pride is good for us; Canadians and their journalist watchdogs are stupid and easily distracted.

    Now it's all so clear.

  2. Buried deep in Akins piece on this is the fact that the Tories gave $9,000 to the Saskatoon (B. Trost's riding) gay pride week. Maybe not out of the same pot of funding, but our boy didn't complain about that.

    • Perhaps one of our more intrepid journos could ask Federal Conservative MPs Dean Allison, Rick Dykstra, justice minister Rob Nicholson and newly-minted Ontario PC head Tim Hudak whether they think funding for Pride Week in Toronto benefits the Niagara (wine) region they represent?
      Or the farmers who supply restaurants?
      Or the cycling tour companies?
      Or hotels and B&Bs in the region?

      Is that too much to ask of the press — you know, follow-up in context, etc.?

      • Thanks Mr. Anonymous Amateur Hour. I asked as many MPs as I could, including several in Hamilton-Niagara. I reported this in the story published in most Canwest papers today. The vast majority of Conservative MPs ignored my query and those that replied said they could not comment.
        Is it too much too ask that you might read what the press is reporting on this issue?

        • It's not too much to ask. Thank you for the info.
          Your angle is one that I missed despite reading widely in print (paid even) and online … I clearly missed your coverage for CanWest.
          Questioning the region's CPC MPs was not a feature of the coverage I read elsewhere. Most simply stated that questions were being redirected to Tony Clement. It was certainly not included in Mr. Radwanski's analysis, which was the one that sparked my comment.
          For what it's worth, I wish we had more on the ground reporting such as yours and Kady's, but I'm just a consumer of news.