Where do Canadian students want to work?

Governments and tech giants top Ideal Employer Rankings


Universum, an employer branding firm, asked nearly 30,000 Canadian undergraduates between October and February where the want to work. Their 100 Ideal Employer Rankings 2014 show that technology giants, governments, big four accounting firms and hospitals are most favoured. Here are the top 20 employers by type of student.

Business Engineering/IT Natural Science Liberal Arts Law Health/Medicine
1 Google Google Health Canada Government of Canada Government of Canada Health Canada
2 EY (Ernst & Young) Microsoft Government of Canada United Nations United Nations The Hospital for Sick Children
3 Government of Canada Apple The Hospital for Sick Children Provincial Government Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Doctors Without Borders
4 Apple Government of Canada Doctors Without Borders Walt Disney RCMP Government of Canada
5 Walt Disney Bombardier Provincial Government Google Provincial Government University Health Network
6 Deloitte IBM Canadian Cancer Society The Hospital for Sick Children Google Canadian Cancer Society
7 KPMG Facebook United Nations Health Canada Apple United Nations
8 Air Canada Suncor Energy David Suzuki Foundation Big Brothers Big Sisters Air Canada Provincial Government
9 TD Bank Intel Google Canadian Security Intelligence Service Walt Disney Google
10 L’OréŽal Group Boeing Canadian Natural Resources Limited Apple Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) The Walt Disney Company
11 PwC BMW Group University Health Network Canadian International Development Agency TD Bank Financial Group / TD Canada Trust Canadian Forces
12 RBC Financial Group / Royal Bank of Canada Ubisoft Walt Disney Air Canada Microsoft Big Brothers Big Sisters
13 Facebook Imperial Oil Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) CBC Health Canada Apple
14 WestJet Airlines Electronic Arts Apple Doctors Without Borders Canadian Forces Air Canada
15 Bank of Canada Shell Pfizer Facebook CRA Pfizer
16 Procter & Gamble (P&G) Sony Suncor Energy David Suzuki Foundation Bank of Canada Canadian Security Intelligence Service
17 United Nations Ontario Power Generation Big Brothers Big Sisters Canadian Cancer Society Facebook United Way
18 Microsoft SNC-Lavalin Canadian Forces United Way L’OréŽal Group David Suzuki Foundation
19 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Hydro One Air Canada RCMP Starbucks L’OréŽal Group
20 Provincial Government Volkswagen Group (incl. Audi, Porsche, SEAT) Microsoft L’OréŽal Group Desjardins Facebook



Where do Canadian students want to work?

  1. Yet people want our youth to be welders and plumbers??

    • Who else is going to do the plumbing and welding?

  2. How pathetic is it that so many of our so-called “best and brightest” only dream of working for the federal government?

    • We are an Orwellian statism country.

      We need to earn $1,400,000 to pay $600,000++ in direct taxes, $400,000 in bank debt costs, to buy a $400,000 home that in its costs, contain $200,000 of labour, fees, tariffs, duties and other hidden taxes.

      So you gross earn $1,400,000 to by a debt/tax out $200,000 home.

      No wonder so many want twice the pay for 1/2 the work government jobs to keep Orwellian statism alive in making people tax-slaves of statism.

      But here is the truth, we all can’t work for government or we would starve to death. Government is about consumption, and not production. An example:

      You need to earn $1,400,000 to pay $600,000 in direct taxations, $400,000 in interest, for a $400,000 home of which $200,000 is in labour, tariffs, fees and other hidden government costs for a debt/tax out $200,000 home.

      Mexican can earn $200,000, pay $40,000 in taxes, $40,000 in interest and buy a $120,000 home that only has $20,000 in hidden taxes.

      So for a Mexican, they can work cheaper and live better. No $500/mo utility bills for the city tax greed not in above. Its why we lose manufacturing jobs. We are a debt-tax deprecating economy of government bloat and waste. Government, corporate, union, bank, military, other money for nothing welfare be it individual, organization or provincial welfare for waste is not free.

      Students, get careers in jobs that are portable productive skills to other countries, I did and it paid in spades as I was out of Canada for 12 very productive tax free years. Economics does mater contrary to how you were raised.

  3. Funny how the young are being naive and all seem to rank government and highly competitive jobs most will not get.

    Society would not function at all if we all worked at government, Google and Microsoft. Just isn’t going to happen. Want education jobs with a government flavor? Be a doctor, nurse, dentist….at least they do something for their inflated wages.

    Society needs productive and not more consumptive people. No one is paying for arts in a over taxed society, society needs productive value added jobs to be filled or else there will be no arts.

    Economics of job prospects is very much a major input in career choices. And no mater what debt-tax laden parents, economic idiocracy, corrupt academics tell you, you can’t escape REAL WORLD ECONOMICS.

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