Angela Wright

Angela Wright is a writer and political analyst. She previously worked as a political staffer at Queen’s Park and served as President of an Ontario PC riding association. She holds a master’s in history from the University of Iowa.
A vacant commercial location is pictured for lease in downtown Vancouver in October 2020 (Jonathan Hayward/CP)
Economic analysis

What Canada’s economic recovery might look like

How does Canada come back from its massive pandemic deficit? Depends who you tax.

Canada, it’s time to pay off that debt

Angela Wright: Canada’s combined household debt is over $2 trillion. As the era of cheap credit comes to an end, it’s time for Canadians to face the music.
John Tory
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It would be irresponsible if Ontario didn’t postpone Toronto’s municipal election

Opinion: For the sake of stability and an election driven by actual civic issues, Ontario needs to delay the voting for Toronto city council. Here’s how
ONT Elxn Wynne 20180607
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Why Doug Ford’s Ontario PC government should grant the Liberals party status

Opinion: By winning only seven seats, the Ontario Liberals failed to qualify for official party status—but there’s a case for Doug Ford lending them a hand
Doug Ford
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When the politically unthinkable happens, why can’t Canadians see the signs?

Opinion: Social disconnect, reductive partisanship and simple bias are infecting how Canadian voters view politicians with opposing political views
Yachts are seen during sunset in Panama City
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It’s time to address the double standard about tax havens

Opinion: If countries really want to get tough on tax avoidance, they should stop picking on small nations and call out close allies, instead
A man watches on at a crime scene following a shooting in Scarborough, a suburb in east Toronto

Gun violence isn’t just a U.S. problem—and Canada isn’t immune

Opinion: Canada shouldn’t ignore its own gun-violence problems, from rising rates in our cities to inadequate government support
Anti-Semitic Graffiti 20161115
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Politicians can’t let another year of hate crimes pass without action

Hate crimes against Muslims have spiked—while Black and Jewish Canadians continue to be assailed. What can politicians do?
Newly elected Conservative leader Scheer speaks during a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
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Can Andrew Scheer fix the Conservative Party’s diversity problem?

Andrew Scheer must be at the forefront of rebuilding trust between the Conservative Party and racial and religious minorities