First Person

An International Student’s Dilemma

“People blame international students like me for the housing crisis. I’m thinking of leaving.”

Why I Chose Not to Have Kids

Jenna Ross wasn’t sure she wanted to become a parent. The climate crisis clinched her decision.

My Trans Awakening—at Age 66

I came out after a lifetime in the closet. Now, I’ve found a community of people just like me in Calgary’s Rainbow Elders.

The Case For Refugee Reception Centres

Asylum seekers are arriving in Canada in record numbers, sleeping in shelters, churches and sometimes on the street. Reception centres are a more humane approach. 

An 11-Year Family Separation

I moved to Canada to give my children a better life. It took four permanent residency applications before I saw them again.

The Accidental Immigrant

I got stuck in Alberta after COVID hit. It took me four years to see my family again.

Kingsley Madu

I Help Immigrants Build New Lives (and Credit)

My family and I were denied housing, car rentals and even hotel reservations, all because we didn’t have a credit card.

Why I Left Public Education

I spent 21 years in Hamilton schools. Drastic budget cuts and a rise in violence caused me to leave that world for good.

Give All Canadian Workers Paid Sick Leave

Canadians are working while ill to avoid losing income. Instituting country-wide sick-leave policies is a healthier option.

A woman holding a mug and standing in front of wooden children's cubbies with coats hanging in them

I love owning a daycare, but the government’s $10-a-day plan is threatening my business

“At one point, I was regularly floating nearly $100,000 of monthly debt”

Why Canada has so many cyberattacks—and why we’re all at risk

Cybersecurity boss Sami Khoury tells us how crime plays out in the Cyber Wild West