Investment and career insights from women in asset management

Five women share their success strategies

Janine Rogan believes in the radical power of personal finance education

Her book The Pink Tax says the Canadian financial system systematically disadvantages women

The departures area of Pearson airport with about 100 people waiting to go to boarding gates.

Canadian air travel has faced significant challenges, including staffing and delays. Here‘s how to fix it

Monette Pasher is the head of the Canadian Airports Council. Here, she
explains how air travel in the country got this bad and what’s being
done to make it better.


How to fix our roller-coaster economy

Ballooning inflation, mounting debt, a labour shortage—and have you seen gas prices? Here, the country’s smartest economic minds explain how Canada got so financially wild, and how to make things better.

Why delivery apps are dying

Apps like Uber, DoorDash and Just Eat are inarguably convenient, but they’ll need a new strategy to survive all of this nasty inflation

Erika Shaker

What to know about student debt

The government boosted loans and grants during the pandemic. It should cancel existing student debts altogether.

Jan Gorski

Seriously, these gas prices?

The global state of oil and gas explains the ridiculous prices at the pump. Electric vehicles hold they key to affordability.

How’d we get into so much debt?

What’s contributing to Canadians’ debt loads lately? Mortgages, of course, but credit-card debt is also on the rise.

Ryan Clements

Why crypto went kaboom

To gain credibility in Canada post-crash, the crypto industry is going to have to get serious about regulation.

Why food is so pricey

Canadians can’t think their way out of grocery-store sticker shock, but the way we view food would benefit from a change

What’s with these interest rates?

With skyrocketing rates, and inflation recently hitting a 38-year high, this is the moment for Canadians to take stock of their debts

How the labour shortage got so bad

Rather than turning to temporary foreign workers, Canada needs a national strategy to improve conditions for the workers it already has