Angelyn Francis

Angelyn is a former video producer at Maclean's who made explainers on everything from NAFTA and Bombardier to marijuana slang and coffee. She also takes photos, and writes, on occasion, about culture, race, music and gender.
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Trump and Trudeau turn from friends to foes amid trade dispute

Both Canada and the U.S. watch as the longtime allies, turn to foes, as Trump tries to kindle an unlikely friendship with North Korea.
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Donald Trump’s rambling explanation of what happened at the G7 with Justin Trudeau

After the North Korea summit, Trump said Trudeau’s defiant stance against U.S. tariffs ‘is going to cost a lot of money for the people of Canada’.

Doug Ford and the PCs win majority government in 2018 Ontario election

The Progressive Conservatives won 76 seats, securing a majority government.
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Ontario election: Reminder to vote

Cast your ballots June 7, 2018.

Mississauga restaurant explosion injures 15

Two suspects, seen on security video, are wanted after a bomb blast at Bombay Bhel in Mississauga, Ont. injured 15 people.
Lil Tay

Meet Lil Tay, a nine-year-old Instagram star, and the adults behind the scenes

The nine-year-old’s disturbing rise to fame seems to have been fuelled by the adults behind the scenes.

6 questions Mark Zuckerberg avoided at his European Parliament testimony

The Facebook CEO spent just 15 minutes answering questions after he asked MEPs to list all their questions first.
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How real estate feeds the Canadian economy

Real estate is more important to the Canadian economy than you think. Here’s why.

Ontario 2018 Election: What issues are on Toronto’s radar

These Canadians have questions for the Ontario party leaders who are currently vying for leadership of the province.
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‘Toronto Strong’ vigil for van attack draws thousands

Thousands gathered at a vigil to remember the 10 people who died in a van attack that struck Toronto in April.