Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is the deputy editor at Maclean's. Since joining the magazine in 2005, he has also served as the foreign editor, business editor and a reporter covering everything from politics to sports.
Demonstrators enter the U.S. Capitol building during a protest in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021 (Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Not a coup. Opposite!

Shannon Gormley: It wasn’t an insurrection, it was simply a few thousand homicidal people under the direction of the president after he told them to ‘fight like hell’

Police officers survey the damage and debris left on the Eastern steps of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 7, 2021 in Washington, DC (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Accept it, this is America now

Shannon Gormley: Where the United States is today—in the midst of every waking nightmare anyone has ever had about a President Donald Trump

Ambassador of China to Canada Cong Peiwu speaks as part of a panel at the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa, on March 4, 2020 (CP/Justin Tang)

How to deal with a hostage-taking, extortionist China

Shannon Gormley: As China decides to no longer hide behind the language of engagement and friendship, Ottawa finds itself increasingly exposed


Could Canada soon face a vigilante problem?

Shannon Gormley: Researchers in Europe have identified the conditions in which far-right vigilantes emerge. Canada ticks a lot of the boxes.


The Liberal Party and the rule of law

Shannon Gormley: The striking similarities between what some Liberals say about China and what some Liberals say about SNC-Lavalin


Where people fall from the sky

It’s Christmas in South West London, a charming and ordinary area but for the lives and deaths of certain travellers. Shannon Gormley reports.

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The Munk debate that never was

Shannon Gormley: In this nasty, empty campaign, how would a debate on foreign policy have gone? Safe to say, pretty badly.

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How populism is pulling America’s parties apart

David Frum and Peter Beinart weigh in on the forces transforming both Democrats and Republicans


Good news, bad news

Young entrepreneurs give big. A new strain of norovirus sickens cruise passengers.


Econowatch: A scorecard on the state of the economy

Another overly optimistic prediction from the Bank of Canada


Shutdown over, when will Janet Yellen dial back the Fed’s easy money policy?

There’s nothing normal about the U.S. economy these days


Econowatch: A scorecard on the state of the economy

Apple surpasses Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand