Jadine Ngan

Fire 5 alarms 135 rue du PortOld Montreal

The Great Airbnb Crackdown

Last year, a massive blaze consumed several illegal Airbnb units in Montreal and killed seven people. The tragedy shone a harsh light on the Wild West of Airbnb in Canadian cities—and the battle to regulate it has just begun.
1. Yoshua Bengio_feature_Richmond Lam

The Power List: Yoshua Bengio

Bengio, who holds our No. 1 spot in AI, unleashed an age-defining innovation. Now he’s trying to tame it.
1. Anna Sainsbury_feature1_Tanya Goehring

The Power List: Anna Sainsbury

Our top tech tycoon is shoring up a multi-billion-dollar online betting industry—and enhancing cybersecurity while she’s at it

The Power List: Tate McRae

After conquering TikTok, this 21-year-old pop phenomenon is ready to win over the world
A lineup of graduates in blue robes and caps, with orange sashes

The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Universities 2024

Getting into top programs is increasingly competitive. Our Ultimate Guide to Canadian Universities is here to help.
An image of a smiling woman in front of illustrations of pathogens

What comes next for Canada’s measles surge

Immunologist Dawn Bowdish tells us why measles cases are soaring, who’s at risk and how we can still stamp it out
An image of a city shoreline with several skyscrapers

Vancouver’s new mega-development is big, ambitious and undeniably Indigenous

In B.C., Indigenous nations are reclaiming power and wealth for their own citizens—no matter what the neighbours think
Real Estate

My retirement project? Building affordable co-housing.

Bureaucratic barriers make housing inconvenient and expensive to build. If you get creative, it doesn’t have to be.
A photo of a Black woman in a hijab looking to the left

Why Alberta isn’t ready for its population boom

At the Edmonton migrant centre where I work, 100 people come through our doors every day. We can’t help them all.