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What the Trudeaus gave the Obamas

The Trudeau family came to Washington bearing gifts for the Obamas, and there’s a story behind each offering
Seven-month-old Justin Trudeau looks around impatiently in his mothers arms as Prime Minister and Mrs. Trudeau prepare to board the train Wednesday July 20, 1972 for a summer vacation on the west coast. (Peter Bregg/CP)

That time Richard Nixon predicted Justin Trudeau would be PM

The last time a Trudeau and a U.S. president met for a state dinner, it didn’t go that well—but Nixon did foresee Justin Trudeau becoming prime minister

Digging in to give more: The sacrifices of generous Canadians

From giving up their own businesses to settling for charity-level salaries, here’s how Canadians are stepping up

Rona Ambrose gets the key to Stornoway

Rona Ambrose may be the leader of the Opposition in the House, but her partner J.P Veitch will run this one

The heroes of October 22

Six strangers ran to help Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in his moment of need. His death made them comrades. What came after made them friends.
Inditex Factory in Arteixo, Spain.

Canada’s top 50 socially responsible corporations: 2015

How these companies are getting ahead by putting communities, the environment and their employees at the top of their agendas
International Womens Day 20110308

NDP MPs champion an end to the ’tampon tax’

’Quite frankly, women are tired of being ignored’: House of Commons expected to vote on the ’tampon tax’ next week
Rona Ambrose. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

Rona Ambrose works to break silence on the Hill

When allegations of sexual harassment surfaced on Parliament Hill, Health Minister Rona Ambrose set out to change the culture
Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian on the perils of her feminist fight

The Canadian-born media critic—the target of horrible threats as part of Gamergate—spoke at Ottawa’s Broadbent Institute

The Screech Owls skate off the ice

After 20 years and 30 books, the author of the beloved kids’ series thinks he’s done