Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards is a writer covering everything from politics to Indigenous affairs for Maclean’s. He won a National Magazine Award in 2019 and, in the same year, received the CAJ/JHR Emerging Indigenous Journalist Award. He is Anishinaabe from the Lake Manitoba First Nation and his hair is widely considered to be the best in journalism.

This summer, Canada’s land of ice was on fire

Hundreds of wildfires, some visible from space, swept across the Arctic Circle this summer—and as they burned, these northern firefighters faced down the changing climate


‘We’ve been stranded on this man-made island for the past 100 years’

A thoughtless decision that cut off Shoal Lake 40 First Nation from the outside world a century ago is finally set right with the opening of Freedom Road


A mysterious sighting in the Manitoba manhunt—and then the trail goes cold

Bear Clan Patrol members were confident they’d spotted Schmegelsky and McLeod, but the police appear to be back at square one


Why Canadians have a thing for mythical lake monsters

With summer comes a new spate of sightings of mysterious creatures in the country’s inland waters. Call it our national pathology.


Drake’s climate change problem

As Canada declared a climate change emergency, Drake’s private jet was burning the equivalent of 25,000 lbs of coal above Toronto. It gets worse.


The Shot that changed a nation

An oral history of Kawhi Leonard’s epic Game 7 buzzer-beater, as told by those who saw it up close


Parade crowd to Kawhi: Five more years!

Kyle Edwards: A video surfaced of Dennis Robertson, Kawhi’s uncle and business strategist, appearing to get in on the chant. Could that signal hope for Toronto fans?


MMIWG’s findings on ‘man camps’ are a good place for government to get started

The link between resource extraction projects and violence against Indigenous women is a ‘serious problem’ that demands attention, the report found


The N.W.T. premier has a sweeping vision for Canada’s North. Is he dreaming?

A full-service military base, a floating university and icebreakers galore are among Bob McLeod’s ideas for asserting Canada’s shaky sovereignty in the Arctic


Why are we paying girls less than boys for summer work?

A Girl Guides report that suggests pay inequity starts early has reframed a debate previously restricted to working-age adults


What’s to like about Instagram ditching ‘likes’ in Canada

Social-media ‘influencers’ have much to lose from the headline-grabbing experiment. But they like it. They really like it.

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A new vote projection points to a solid UCP majority in Alberta

Data compiled for Maclean’s by suggests the UCP could win 58 seats despite the NDP picking up support in the last two weeks