Leah McLaren

Leah McLaren is <i>Maclean's</i> National Magazine Award-winning London correspondent. Her second novel, <i>A Better Man</i>, was published by HarperCollins in 2015.
Evangelista at the Lanvin fashion show in July 1990 in Paris (Daniel Simon/Gamma-Rapho /Getty Images)

The unbearable beauty of Linda Evangelista

The supermodel’s imperious gaze came to define the ’90s. Now, she says a cosmetic procedure has stolen her looks, her livelihood, her very identity. So whose fault is that?
Despite her family’s desperate efforts to safeguard her, Darian was killed in July 2020 (Courtesy of Michelle Jones)

Five shots took Darian’s life. But before that, a justice system failed

Peel police chief Nish Duraiappah expressed frustration at the time for "a complete failure of our justice system to protect her.”
Thomas Chan. (Photograph by Clay Stang)

Does Thomas Chan belong in prison?

At 19, he killed his father while high on drugs. His case is headed to the Supreme Court in one of the most polarizing legal challenges in a generation.
Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. (Photograph by Kate Peters)

Mark Carney heads to Ottawa

His stint as governor of the Bank of England is ending. Ottawa, here he comes—for some free time, and likely with a plan for a new path
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Boris Johnson and the peculiar British art of believing in nothing

Leah McLaren: The British PM’s strength lies not in a calculating lust for power but in how few tosses he gives. Here’s why voters find it irresistible.
Brexit Negotiations Reach Endgame
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Dazed and confused, it’s Britain in the age of Brexit

Leah McLaren: Nobody knows the way out, and watching a nation’s entire political elite exposed as incompetent and craven is deeply disorienting

Brexit’s worst case scenario: food rationing and drug shortages

As Brexit negotiations drag on, the country faces dire consequences

Meet Eric Monkman, the Canadian quiz show superstar you’ve never heard of

The Oakville, Ont. man became a phenomenon in the U.K. during his time as leading contestant on the British game show ’University Challenge.’
Announcement Of Prince Harry&#8217;s Engagement To Meghan Markle
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Why Meghan Markle giving it all up for love is not social progress

Opinion: Let’s not pretend this marriage signals a new era for the monarchy. In fact, it’s a story as old as the hills, says Leah McLaren
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Me too: It’s not just Hollywood, it’s Canada

Leah McLaren: This is not a witch hunt, it’s the truth. Sexual harassment is dangerous and ubiquitous in Canada and it’s not going away.