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A Mad Men moment brought to you by Ted McGinley

Viewers fret over risky casting decision


A Mad Men moment brought to you by Ted McGinley

The keen-eyed in the Twitterverse were quick to note the appearance of Ted McGinley, a.k.a. "the patron saint of shark-jumping" on last night’s Mad Men. Here’s TV Guide: "Chances are if Ted gets near your show (Happy Days, Married with Children, The Love Boat) it’s on a downward spiral … "

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Ted McGinley! instagram.com/p/YZP1TuiHiX/Nicholas Pell
It took a moment for McGinley to register with viewers: 
Um, that was Ted McGinley. #MadMenTodd Vaziri
Ted McGinley? Whaaaa? #madmenMichael Collins
Whoa. Is that Ted McGinley? I think it is Ted McGinley! #MadMenAmanda Rykoff
Ted McGinley! #madmen #shark #tedmcginleyJonathan Ryland
Ted! McGinley!KROQ’s Bean
OMG TED MCGINLEY #madmenRobert Pouder
TED MCGINLEY!!! #madmenJesse Harris
Well, it took 30 years but Ted McGinley from Revenge of the Nerds has turned into Robert Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds.Dave Itzkoff
With that all figured out, Tweeps started worrying about the McGinley curse: 
Ted McGinley was on #MadMen last night. Should I be concerned?GidgetWA
Ted McGinley on Mad Men? Don’t they know he kills every show he’s on?Cecily Walker
Oh shit. Ted McGinley, patron saint of Jumping the Shark, is on #MadMenGreta
Very risky move by Mad Men to have Ted McGinley on. May break the curse.Rich Eisen
Wait Ted McGinley was in last night’s Mad Men? Uh oh.Frank Tantillo
Oh No! Ted McGinley is on Mad Men! Hope it doesn’t jump the shark. #madmenBen Muff
A Hawaii episode AND Ted McGinley? Where’s the shark!?! #madmenRory
Ted McGinley made it official on #madmen tonight. pic.twitter.com/rAAOeSWEGSMarty Case

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