The best (and wackiest) photos of Céline Dion, Canada's beloved pop queen

Over the years, she has posed with a horse, a dog, a power tool and Muhammed Ali (as she punches him in the face)

Céline Dion, Canada’s all-time best-selling artist, loved the world over and revered in Quebec, is winding down her long-running Las Vegas residency. Eight years after she first graced the stage at Caesars Palace, Dion is calling it quits on June 8. Is she retiring? No, not even close. She’s planning a show in London’s Hyde Park on July 5, and then an extensive North American tour this fall. Rest assured, your heart will go on beating for her.

But as one of this country’s premier songstresses sings her last Vegas tune, Maclean’s couldn’t resist making a big deal of it all. Do we really need an excuse? As Dion enters this new phase in her career, a campy new cool complete with carpool karaoke, we launch Céline Week. We’ll ask readers to vote on Dion’s best song of all time. (More on that here.) Right now, we’re looking at the very best and wackiest photos of her in the spotlight.