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k.d. lang lets her ‘freak flag’ fly

‘The fact I’m standing here accepting this award says more about Canada than it does about me’


k.d. lang lets her "freak flag fly" at Junos

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The Juno Awards celebrate the best in Canadian music, but one person stood out from the crowd Sunday night: k.d. lang.
It’s a good day. The leafs have made the playoffs & I have the honour & privilege of inducting kd Lang into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.Anne Murray
And she couldn’t have had anyone any better than Anne Murray to introduce her.
k.d lang also said she had and has the biggest crush on Anne Murray as she accepted the award from her. Seriously Canadian moment, that.Bruce Arthur
Amazing KD Lang telling Anne Murray: "I still have a crush on you" … wonderful. #junoawardsDeborah Dundas
k.d. lang walked around the stage, looking at the audience around her, and thanked them saying: “I think the fact that I’m standing here accepting this award says more about Canada than it does about me.” The rest of her speech made people cry.
KD LANG. Enough said.#junos2013 pic.twitter.com/iuTHUQlALpRon Lopata
"Every single person in this nation has the right to be themselves" -KD LangCanadas Talent
"Only in Canada could there be such a freak as k.d. lang receiving this award… I’m telling you…it is OKAY to be YOU!!" k.d. langJeanne Beker
k.d.  lang was sure to give a shoutout to Rita MacNeil and Stompin’ Tom Connors, both of whom passed away in recent weeks, saying only in Canada could three singers like them become icons.
Kd lang shoutout to Stomping Tom & Rita McNeil. .. ‘be who you are… Live your life’ She went up even higher in my books #classyLori Keith
KD Lang was indeed barefoot … As she said .. Cdns make so many things possible .. Rita,Stomping Tom .. They make us proud #cdnpoliCarolyn Bennett
Coolest person on that stage tonight: kd lang. Class, sass and talent! #JunoAwardsGail McInnes
"Fly your freak flag" -KD LANG #juno #kdlang #iamcanadian #canada #music #Proud #alberta instagram.com/p/YY2vJeRUZp/Donna
Awesome speech KD Lang! "Let your freak flags fly" Only in Canada! #TheJUNOSNada
It’s OK to be you. It is OK to let your freak flags fly.And embrace the quirk-meister that’s in all of us.by KD Lang #JUNOAwardsJane Mann
KD Lang made me cry.She said her award "says more about Canada" than about her.That’s true.That makes me proud to be Canadian @kdlang #junoRob Szabo
Wow, I’m seriously impressed by kd lang’s speech. I went from cynical to patrioticbenjaminboles
Kd Lang. Class and style. "It is ok to be you,… embrace your inner quirkmeister"#wellsaidHollerado
I have been listening to KD Lang my entire life, so when she got up to accept her Canadian Music Hall of Fame award and sing, I cried a bit.cass
While k.d. lang is perhaps most famous for her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, which moved the entire world when she performed it at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, every song she performs becomes an instant classic.
K.d. Lang – Hallelujah (Live Olympic Games 2010 Opening Cermony).aviekuxSX36CxGd8GYUkwoqyg
K.D. Lang sings Neil Young’s Helplessoneandonlyck
K D Lang’s Cryinganderson0129
Why don’t I have KD Lang on my ipod?? She sings like an Angel.Julia
Two living legends on stage together — Anne Murray and KD Lang. Wow. @TheJUNOAwards "She’s our Gaga!" pic.twitter.com/RNLJRcFTS7Tyler Hopson
At then end of the Junos, k.d. land got to sing the final song on stage, and thanked the nation.
A thousand fold thanks to all my fans in #canada!!!!Big time love!!!! #JUNOawardsk.d. lang

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