The Top 10 YouTube videos of 2013

From Skyfall to twerk fails, screaming goats to Harlem shakes

The Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis’s song What Does the Fox Say? (“Ring-ding-ding-dingdingeringeding”) was the YouTube hit of the year, racking up more than 230 million views.

But plenty of other videos kept cubicle dwellers glued to their screens: Marina Shifrin’s resignation dance video earned her the nickname the “I quit girl” (and 17 million views). The Harlem Shake meme was so popular it earned its own YouTube channel. And Joanna Rohrback “Prancercised” her way to Internet fame.

Here’s a round-up of our top 10:

Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey:

New Orleans reporter humiliates drunk bystander:

Those screaming goats:

Quitting a job via interpretive dance (and Kanye):

Carly Rae makes worst opening pitch ever:

Twerking fail turned Jimmy Kimmel hoax:

Ylvis: What does the fox say?

Russian Army Choir signs Skyfall and kills it:

The Harlem shakers, from Peanuts to dorm rooms:

Prancercise. Put on your pearls and ankle weights: