The economy in February: by the numbers

$27.36: the average hourly pay for unionized workers in Canada

(Jonathan Hayward/CP)


The average hourly wage for union workers in Canada, versus $22.25 for non- unionized employees, says a new report.

30 cents:

The amount gas prices have jumped in the last month in the U.S., put- ting a crimp in consumer spending.


The number of flights cancelled so far by All Nippon Airways due to the grounding of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner over battery troubles.

$612 million:

The record fine the Royal Bank of Scotland agreed to pay last week for its role in the LIBOR rate-fixing scandal.

$2 billion:

The savings the U.S. Postal Ser- vice expects each year from stop ping Saturday delivery. Its losses last year: $16 billion.

$16.4 trillion:

The U.S. debt, which rose on the first day the legal debt ceiling limit was suspended.