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Your Davos one-stop shop

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(Monika Flueckiger/ Copyright by World Economic Forum)

The world’s rich and powerful, plus a fair number of big thinkers—the latter not so powerful and certainly not as rich—are partying it up and talking about fixing the global economy in the Davos, among the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland.

Here’s the latest on the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting from the Maclean’s team:

Your guide to Davos
Who’s who and what’s what at WEF 2013

David Cameron, party pooper
The PM’s remarks quickly took over the conversation—and the Twitter feed

Dr. Doom: why bondholders are partly to blame for America’s fiscal mess
Economist Nouriel Roubini on why spooked investors are what Washington politicos need

How Sheryl Sandberg rescued gender equality in Davos
With women making up only 17 per cent of delegates at the World Economic Forum, talk of gender equality seemed doomed. Until the Facebook COO took the stage.

Mark Carney in Davos: what’s up next for the global economy
All you need to know about what the governor said in four bullet-points.

Also, from the archives, here’s Paul Wells on PM Harper’s landmark Davos speech last year:

Harper reaches the age of major-ity

And here’s what chit-chat looks like when world leaders, business giants and big thinkers mingle: