Cape Breton University: student tips for surviving life on campus

The best campus event, favourite watering hole and more

Cape Breton University student

Unofficial school motto: ‘Orange you glad you didn’t choose X’
Best place for a nap: The SASS Lounge
Best cheap lunch: Lebanese Flower
Best hangover breakfast: Colette’s in Glace Bay
Favourite campus food: Caper Crêpes
Favourite watering hole: Bunkers or Breton Brewing Co.
Best place to study: Second floor of the library
Worst place to study: First floor of the library or the cafeteria
Best campus event: Caribbean Night
Best giveaway: Frosh Week giveaways
Best live music venue: The Pit
Best spectator sport: Soccer or basketball
Official school motto: ‘Happen at CBU’
Best place to live: On campus
Most notorious bus route: The 1
Most original social event: Lumière, an art show that takes over downtown Sydney in the fall
Best cultural event: Diwali or Chinese New Year

PROFILE: Cape Breton University | Sydney, N.S. | Founded 1974

University Insider:
(Left to right) Bhreagh MacDonald, 23, Political Science; Christine Gwynn, 23, Political Science;
Avery Tuck, 21, Political Science; Bridget Baldwin, 19, Political Science/Philosophy/English

Some may say that Cape Breton is a bit boring. And sure, it’s no booming metropolis, but if you ask me, that’s what makes it so endearing. The natural environment, with its rugged coastlines and deep blue ocean, is awe-inspiring, and there are so many places to hike and explore in your off time. When you can’t get away, there is tons of culture on campus. Cape Breton University is the perfect place to learn more about the Mi’kmaq, Gaelic and Acadian cultures or to get involved in theatre and the arts. With programs ranging from engineering to folklore, Cape Breton University has a wide and unique selection of courses. Perhaps the best thing about the school is the small class sizes and the dedicated professors. This combination allows for unique work, publication and research opportunities. The Pit, our campus bar, has open-mic nights every week along with larger events like St. Patrick’s Day and Caribbean Night.

Participating in and supporting the arts is invaluable to the CBU experience. Caper Radio is always busy planning events at local music venues and hosting the open-mic nights at the Pit. The newspaper, the Caper Times, celebrates its 45th anniversary this year; it is open to submissions from any interested writers. Proletariat, an exhibition for student artists, is hosted in the art gallery each year. The Boardmore Playhouse is incredibly active, with numerous productions. General auditions take place in September. An adjudicated festival of one-act plays takes place in March; students are encouraged to write, direct and act in these productions.

Local Vibes
If you ever wanted the combination of a small city and natural beauty, Cape Breton University is the answer. Anywhere you go on the island, you’re bound to find a nice beach or hiking trail waiting to be explored. Everyone here is so polite. You’ll never walk down the street without someone asking how you are or saying hello with a smile. There aren’t too many places you can move away from home while feeling like you made a new home at the same time, but Cape Breton University somehow manages it.

The Skinny
For the official school website, visit Try for student events.

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