A better bio

If you’re reading this you obviously weren’t put off by my initial preamble. Or (more likely) you know me personally. Either way, I’ll move on to a more appropriate introduction.

My name is Robyn Urback and I’m going into my fourth year of journalism at Ryerson University, majoring in magazine reporting. As of yet, I’ve just dipped my toes in the industry, but I’ve since grasped there are some key elements I’ll need to survive; namely, a thick skin, some talent, a lot of luck, and a rich spouse.  Let’s just say I always keep a pen and my number in my back pocket.

My future goals include finding employment and making it to 25 without facing a libel suit. (Fingers crossed.)

Now, about the blog. Essentially, my blog will consist of commentary on social, economic and political affairs.

… Are you gagging? I would be. So allow me to elaborate:

I don’t plan or strive to change the world. I don’t pick daisies. I don’t write song lyrics. I recognize the inherent self-indulgent nature of blogging so I’ll call myself a narcissist before you get the chance to. I’m cliché in that I’m twenty-something, semi-informed and still feel entitled to my opinion. Though I like to think I’m authentic and original in that I don’t pretend to be anything else.

If you’re easily offended, I’m probably not the blogger to follow. If you don’t get what I mean when I say “bandwagon leftism” (the drug of choice, in my opinion, of many Canadian university students today …well, that and ‘E’) you probably won’t like what I have to say. Beyond that, I look forward to an interesting debate.

You can check out some of my past posts on my personal blog at

As well, feel free to send comments to [email protected].