On Campus

CFS targets Ontario student voters

Video instructs students to "take over" the ballot box

The Canadian Federation of Students Ontario (CFSO), which student fund with mandatory fees, has released a new video that it hopes will inspire students to vote a certain way in October’s provincial election. The video features a young man dressed as a ballot box, who tries to run away from students voters, but realizes he can’t hide and so decides to crowd surf with his peers instead. They shout “take it over, take it over!” — presumably referring to the upcoming vote. Throughout the video is text that spells out the CFSO’s political position — students want lower tuition fees, reduced debt and smaller classes. Although the provincial government pays the majority of post-secondary education costs ($8,500 per year) Ontario’s average tuition of $6,500 is particularly high. For example, Quebec’s in-province tuition fees will rise from roughly $2,200 per year to nearly $3,800 by 2015, where they will still be a relative bargain.

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