Finger lickin' scholarships -

Finger lickin’ scholarships

KFC giving $20k to high school student with the best tweet


Kentucky Fried Chicken is holding a $20,000 Twitter contest. The high school student who writes the best Tweet, by Nov 26, will receive a maximum of $5,000 a year for four years of university at a American public institution. Applicants must explain why they deserve the scholarship and include the moniker “KFCscholar” in their message. So far entries in the contest, that started this week, range from the serious to the silly. One student wrote of their desire to “making a positive change to our society and the way we think through science,” while another wrote, “Holy Heck, I love that chicken, Remember that when your pickin’, The guy to give that 20k, That guy is here, right this way.” Unfortunately, only American citizens are eligible for the contest.

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