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How much does your university's president make?

On Campus shows you where to look

Compensation of Quebec Admins

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Want to know how much the people running your university make? Is it $100,000? Would $300,000 shock you?

Finding out administrators’ salaries is easy if you go to a school in Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta, thanks to forward-thinking laws. But if you live in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, it’s next to impossible. Here’s a province-by-province breakdown of salary disclosure requirements.

Quebec: The information is public, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. Salaries and other compensation paid to senior university administrators must be included in the annual reports that all universities submit to the National Assembly’s Culture and Education committee. Those documents can be found online here. It would be easier if the universities would post them.

Alberta: Like Quebec, salary information is included in the universities’ annual reports. Unlike Quebec, they’re posted on each school’s site. For the three biggest schools, click here, here and here.

Ontario: All public sector employees making more than $100,000 must disclose their salary. It’s conveniently posted on a single website.

Manitoba: All public sector salaries over $50,000 must be made public. But for some reason, there’s no requirement that they be posted on the web. They’re available through libraries. Only Brandon University has posted theirs online.

British Columbia: Universities are required to publicly disclose the salaries of any public sector employee making more than $75,000. The information is posted online here.

Saskatchewan: Disclosure laws don’t apply to universities. However, the University of Saskatchewan kindly released its salary figures to Maclean’s OnCampus. Some highlights: Thirteen admins make over $200,000 and the president, two vice-presidents and the dean of medicine all make $300,000-plus.

Nova Scotia: In December, the government passed a law requiring universities to disclose all salaries above $100,000. Although the first reports under the new law aren’t required until September 2012, NSCAD, the University of King’s College, Mount Saint Vincent University and Université Sainte-Anne all released salary figures to Maclean’s On Campus. Although most of their administrators make more than $100,000 a year, they tend to make much less than many of their peers in other provinces. Ramona Lumpkin, Mount Saint Vincent’s president, is the only university admin at one of those four schools who made more than $200,000 last year.

Newfoundland: Memorial, the province’s only university, proactively discloses salary figures in their annual report and the president’s contract is posted online.

Prince Edward Island: You’re out of luck here. There are no laws requiring disclosure and UPEI won’t release the information.

New Brunswick: Same here. None of the universities was willing to release the information.

Check back later this week for a list of country’s Top 10 highest paid university administrators.