Living on 12k a year -

Living on 12k a year

Quebec study shows students work to pay for education


Half of all full-time Quebec university students live on $12,000 a year while a quarter subsist on $7,400, according to a study released by provincial student group, Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEUQ). The study, that surveyed 12, 169 students, found that income earned from work was the most important for financing an education.

Work accounted for 55 per cent of financial resources for full-time students, and 83 per cent for part-time students. Parental support account for 22 per cent of income for full time students, compared to seven per cent for part time students.

The study also concluded that more than 60 per cent of full-time students will take on an on average debt load of $14,000, compared to part-time students where  only 46.6 per cent will graduate with debt and at an average of $11,500. The study, which was released on Thursday, will be used by FEUQ when meeting with the government next month to discuss tuition rates. The province plans to lift a long standing tuition freeze in 2012.

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