McGill VP threatened with legal action -

McGill VP threatened with legal action

Student group says former Concordia exec failed to consult students in Pepsi negotiations


Newly minted McGill vice-principal of administration and finances, Michael Di Grappa, is facing a legal challenge from a student at Concordia University, where he previously held an administrative post. Laura Beach has served Di Grappa a notice of a potential legal challenge over an alleged breach of trust in renegotiating Concordia’s beverage contract with PepsiCo. According to Beach, the Concordia administration failed to follow up on a promise to consult with students over the contract. Beach is a founder member of student group TAPThirst, which has been advocating for a ban on bottled water at Concordia, which is supplied by PepsiCo. Di Grappa says it is not clear that Beach should be considered an official spokesperson for students.

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