On Campus

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Hi folks,

My name is Maggie de Barra and I am very excited to begin blogging here at Maclean’s OnCampus. I’m starting my fourth and final year of the Bachelor of Journalism program at Carleton University this fall. For the past four weeks I have been studying at the International Summer School at the University of Cambridge.

I am going into study overdrive for the next month as I finish preparing for my LSAT with high hopes of law school in the future.

I’m going to be blogging about current student issues, from orientation to convocation and everything in between. I know what it is like to be a journalism student in Ottawa, but I’m interested in what goes on in the everyday lives of Canadian students from coast to coast. If you are reading Maclean’s OnCampus you’re probably also interested in what students care about and what’s happening in the world that has a direct impact on their lives, both inside and outside the classroom.

I’ll sign off now because I have a lot to unpack, but feel free to leave a comment (I promise to read every single one), send me an email (maggiedebarra@gmail.com) or follow me on twitter! (@maggiedebarra)

Hope to hear from you soon!