On Campus

Quebec Young Liberals debate fee hike, graduate tax

Proposal calls for additional tuition to be paid after graduation

From The Montreal Gazette:

About 800 delegates to a weekend convention of the Quebec Liberal Party’s youth wing will debate the doubling of university tuition fees, to about $6,000 a year, and a proposal for refunds of union dues.
. . .The youth wing proposal to raise Quebec’s tuition fees, now the lowest in Canada, to the Canadian average, goes beyond the Charest government’s plan to phase in a $500 annual tuition increase over five years.

Under an innovative proposal, students would not have to pay the additional tuition burden right away, but only after they graduate.

They would pay a percentage of their additional debt in the form of a so-called “post-graduate tax.” Details as to how much they would repay and for how many years have not been worked out.