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Ryerson librarian will keep his job

Taking photographs of strippers from campus office not a 'fireable offence'

A Ryerson University librarian who took photos of strippers from his campus office will not be fired. “If you read the laws of the land it is very, very clear that you can take a photograph,” Ryerson President Sheldon Levy told the Eyeopener. “If people don’t like it, too bad.”

Digital archives librarian Brian Cameron photographed dancers who were taking a break on the rooftop of Zanzibar strip club in August and September. He then posted the images, some of which clearly show the faces of the women, to his Flickr account. The Torontoist published ten of the photos last week sparking outrage from the dancers pictured, two of whom quit. Although the Torontoist has since removed most of the photos, they are still viewable at the Toronto Sun website with the faces digitally obscured.

Despite privacy concerns and the fact that the photos were taking on campus, Levy said Cameron’s actions do not qualify as a “fireable offence.”

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