On Campus

The dawning of an age

As the awkward socializing of Frosh Week ends, the real stuff beings


The whirlwind that is Frosh Week (variously called Orientation Week, First Week, etc), is now officially over. It was certainly an interesting week, meeting dozens of people every day, hearing the same 2 questions over and over (what’s your major, where are you from), staying up ’till at least 3 a.m. every night, sometimes 6. Initial awkwardness (clearly not an issue for this guy) gradually warmed to tepid familiarity and was even heated to boisterous enthusiasm on those rare occasions when the drinks began to flow – responsibly and moderately, of course. Other than the incessant socializing, I signed up for about 10 different clubs, from debate to intramural soccer; learned the requisite school cheers and attended countless orientations and tours.

To celebrate the end of the party and the beginning of university in earnest, a Matriculation Ceremony formally welcomed the class of 2013 to the College, complete with speeches in Latin, formal gowns, and the official signing of the College register by all new students. There were also speeches in English, some of which were quite inspiring. One of them, made by a newly confirmed Honorary Fellow of the College, struck me as particularly pertinent.

He reminded us that attending university in a country like Canada is a privilege and an accomplishment and that with both must come responsibility. As we celebrate the beginning of a new age in our lives, and at the risk of sounding preachy, I think it’s important to remember that us Freshmen (and women!) are indeed in a fortunate position to contribute to society in a positive way.

With that in mind, (a mind forgivably clouded at times, perhaps, by the many distractions a Freshman inevitably encounters), let’s celebrate this dawning of a new age in our lives. At least until the homework starts.