On Campus

UBC student sues over alleged religious discrimination

Lawyer admits that plaintiff had not regularly attended church for awhile

According to Xtra West, a University of British Columbia student is appealing a decision by a BC Supreme Court judge to dismiss her suit of religious discrimination against the school.

Cynthia Maughan, now 49, first sued the school November 2002 after she received a B-minus in a literature class.

Among other claims, Maughan says she missed out on at least one opportunity to further her understanding of course material because the instructor decided, along with the rest of the class, to hold an extra seminar on a Sunday. Maughan objected, saying that Sunday is her sabbath.

Maughan identifies as Anglican, and sued the university for allegedly discriminating against her as a Christian and subjecting her to hatred and contempt, naming four UBC teachers in the suit.

Her lawyer later admitted to reporters that Maughan had not regularly attended church in some time. She is seeking $18 million in damages.