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University enrolments up in British Columbia

Out-of-province students boost overall numbers

Vancouver Sun story:

Out-of-province first-year students are significantly adding to the brain power at B.C. universities this year and are credited with helping boost enrolment to record levels in at least two schools: UBC and Simon Fraser University.

With 5,405 first-year students, UBC’s Vancouver campus is up nearly 400 from last year. Of these, 678 hail from elsewhere in Canada – particularly Ontario and Alberta – an increase from 209 in 2007.

The number of SFU’s first-year students has climbed by almost 300 to a record 5,465 so far. This includes 350 first-year students from other parts of Canada, mostly Alberta and Ontario, an increase of 65 from last year.

These record-topping first-year enrolments come at a time when B.C. is boasting an all-time high in overall, public post-secondary student enrolment. Last year this peaked at 430,000, a steady move upward from 421,000 in 2006 and 408,000 in 2005.