On Campus

Waterloo’s smallest class: me

The joys of not sitting beside the Loud Whisperer

There are more than 300 students in my genetics class. With that many people crammed into a lecture hall, chances are, you’re probably sitting in front of a Sneezer.Or a Loud Whisperer.

Or a Person Who Somehow Keeps Bumping the Back of Your Head With Their Stupid Binder.

But during my last genetics lecture, I didn’t feel a single sneeze mist the back of my neck. My body space wasn’t invaded by someone else’s notebook, or bulky book bag. And I didn’t get stuck beside any of those people who don’t understand the finer points of whispering. Like, uh, actually whispering.

And at one point, when I didn’t quite understand something the professor had said, I just paused the lecture and referred to my textbook for clarification.

Yup. Podcasted lectures rule.

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