On Campus

What's better than perfection?

Uhhhh... nothing.

The glossary of my biology textbook has the perfect definition of a cell:

“A cell is the structural, functional and biological unit of all organisms.”

My biology lab report requires a definition of ‘cell,’ but I’m not allowed to just repeat the textbook’s already precise and exact definition. It has to be “paraphrased using original language.”

The thing is, sometimes there’s only one perfect way to define a word. Yes, I can come up with other ways to try and explain the word “cell.” But they’re going to be lesser definitions. In other words, not as precise. Or perfect.

Short of performing an interpretive dance for my biology lab TA’s, there is no original way of defining “cell.” It’s been done already.

There’s only one solution: writing like Yoda.

“The structural, functional, and biological unit of all organisms, the cell is.”

-photo courtesy of Hljod.Huskona